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Gala Music Brings Fairness and Creative Empowerment to Recording Artists

Gala Music Brings Fairness and Creative Empowerment to Recording Artists

As the music industry continues to grapple with the complexities of fair compensation and artist rights, Gala Music is emerging as a transformative force, championing the interests of emerging artists in a landscape often dominated by established platforms and traditional mechanisms. This is increasingly significant in light of recent developments, such as Spotify’s decision to reduce royalty payments to songwriters, which is poised to further squeeze the already modest earnings of creative professionals​​.

Spotify’s latest subscription rate hike plan to include audiobooks as a Premium tier feature, songwriters and publishers did not get the royalty boost that might be expected from a subscription cost increase. Instead, the membership restructuring will introduce a new bundle disbursement rate for royalties that includes audiobooks. As a result, US songwriters and publishers’ royalty value will drop by an estimated $150 million over the coming 12 months. SOURCE

Fair Pay for Gala Recording Artists

Gala Music, built on the innovative GalaChain, leverages cutting edge web3 tech to create a decentralized ecosystem where artists can thrive by maintaining control over their music and directly engaging with their audiences.

Unlike traditional music platforms that offer minimal royalties and limited transparency, Gala Music introduces an equitable revenue model where artists receive a substantial 70% share of the revenue from NFT track sales. This model not only ensures artists are fairly compensated but also aligns with Gala Music’s core philosophy of empowering artists rather than exploiting them for profit.

But NFT track sales aren’t the only way for artists to earn with Gala Music. Artists can also receive $MUSIC in a variety of ways, including direct tips from users, rewards based on platform track listens and more. By building a fan base on Gala Music, an artist is securing a plethora of potential revenue streams with the power to significantly boost their careers.

To learn more about Gala Music’s industry-empowering vision, read the Gala Music Whitepaper.

Gala’s partially decentralized structure allows artists to bypass the restrictive practices of the music industry that have historically undermined their financial and creative autonomy, while still adhering to high quality standards for platform offerings. Through features such as the Gala Music Jukebox Node DePIN, the Artist Upload self service portal and the All Access store that allows artists to share unique and creative experiences, artists and fans can interact in novel ways with the potential to transform an entire art form for the better. From direct sales to live concerts, special promotions and more, Gala Music is a game changer for artists’ careers.

The recent shift by Spotify highlights a broader industry trend where the economics do not favor the artist. According to reports, Spotify’s bundled subscriptions for audiobooks and other content are expected to further reduce the royalties that songwriters can earn from the platform, pressing the need for alternative solutions like Gala Music where artists’ contributions are valued and rewarded​​.

Resonating Change

Gala Music’s response to the industry’s challenges is not just about offering better pay. It’s about a revamp of the artist’s role in the music industry that puts the creators back in the driver’s seat. 

Through blockchain technology, Gala Music provides transparency, allowing artists to see exactly how their music is being consumed and ensuring that they are compensated accordingly.

Smart contracts make it possible for artists to easily manage things like releases and rev shares, and the unsurpassed security of GalaChain ensures a safe environment that uplifts and rewards artistic integrity. This level of clarity and fairness is absent in conventional music streaming services, which have often been criticized for opaque payout processes and disproportionately low payments to artists.

Gala Music is much more than a free streaming platform; it’s a movement towards a more just and artist-focused music industry. It represents a shift from a corporate-dominated space to one where independent artists can pave their own paths and receive the full value of their creative output. As the landscape of music continues to evolve, Gala Music represents hope and fairness in the future of music, promising a better deal for artists and a richer, more diverse musical culture for fans around the world.

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