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Welcome Sage: “I See” Marks A New Chapter in Indie Hip-Hop on Gala Music

Welcome Sage: “I See” Marks A New Chapter in Indie Hip-Hop on Gala Music

Gala Music is thrilled to introduce a new voice that resonates with raw honesty and introspective depth, Sage, with debut NFT track “I See” drops today at 12pm PT. Sage, a young Nigerian talent with European roots, brings a fresh perspective to the indie scene, weaving tales of realization and growth through the fabric of hip-hop.

“I See” is a journey through the complexities of relationships, spotlighting the courage it takes to acknowledge the truth and move forward. Sage’s ability to capture the essence of introspection and acceptance through rhythm is both rare and inspiring. This track dives deep into the hearts of its listeners, encouraging them to recognize warning signs in relationships and embrace personal growth.

Having graced stages from Soho House and DT LA to SXSW and various European festivals, Sage steps onto the Gala Music platform with an undeniable presence. “I See” not only marks Sage’s compelling entry into the music world but also highlights the artist’s unique ability to connect with audiences on a profound level.

As “I See” makes its debut, we invite you to experience the beginning of Sage’s Gala Music journey. Join us in welcoming Sage to the Gala Music family and be part of this significant moment in indie hip-hop.

Listen to “I See” now on Gala Music

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Let “I See” illuminate your path towards understanding and growth. Listen now with a free Gala Music account, then get the NFT starting at noon today, only on Gala Music.

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