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Ryan V Drops New Track “New York City In A Day” on Gala Music!

Ryan V Drops New Track “New York City In A Day” on Gala Music!

Gala Music proudly presents the latest track from returning artist Ryan V, titled “New York City In A Day,” dropping tomorrow (June 4th) at 1pm PT. Level 2 $MUSIC supporters of Ryan V’s Loyalty Pool will enjoy presale access starting at 12pm PT and a 5% discount on the track!

This marks Ryan V’s 6th NFT track on Gala Music, with several of his previous releases still available while supplies last. Check out his other tracks at the links below!


“Hope” (2024 Gala Remaster)

“Home” (feat. Julanie J.)

“For Us and the Ones We Love”

“Open Your Arms”

About the Track

“New York City In A Day” is a captivating piece inspired by Ryan’s first international journey to New York City. Spending an entire day and night in transit, Ryan was enchanted by the city’s vibrant energy, which he has masterfully captured in this song. Utilizing an alternate open tuning on the acoustic guitar to evoke a sense of movement, Ryan has also incorporated strings to enhance the song’s cinematic feel. This long-awaited track is now ready for its exclusive release on Gala Music.

Listen to “New York City in a Day” now on Gala Music

Artist Bio

Ryan V, formerly the lead vocalist of the South African band “The Waiting Room,” is now a singer/songwriter based in Cape Town. Following early success between 2006 and 2008, Ryan took a hiatus from music but returned with his solo single “Hope” in January 2023, which hit #1 on Radio Laeveld. The challenges of the 2020s, including the lockdowns, reignited his passion for music. Ryan now channels his thoughts, fears, victories, and challenges into his songs, sharing his journey and inspiring others. He is excited for the future and thrilled that his children can witness him living his dream.

Why You Shouldn’t Miss This

This Signature Edition is limited to just 100 copies, ensuring scarcity and a solid flow of $MUSIC rewards for any owners who host their tracks by pairing them with active Gala Music Jukebox Nodes.

This track was part of the first generation of tracks voted into the platform directly by the community through the new NextUp feature that puts the fans in control of what’s coming next. Everybody gets to vote, and new votes are live each and every week!

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