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Welcome Bingx to Gala Music with “Conversations After Midnight”

Welcome Bingx to Gala Music with “Conversations After Midnight”

Listen to “Conversations After Midnight” on Gala Music

This week we’ve got an electrifying addition to our diverse artist roster: Bingx. With an impressive 18-year journey through the realms of Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Pop, Rock, and Alternative music, Bingx has masterfully crafted over 2,000 songs, showcasing unparalleled versatility and an intense passion for music. As Bingx himself puts it, “Music is and has always been my soul. Without music, life would have less purpose.” This sentiment resonates deeply with Gala Music’s mission to empower artists and listeners alike, creating a space where music truly sets the soul free. We think Chan will find himself right at home in web3 with Gala Music.

This Friday, March 15th, at 1pm PT, we’re excited to drop Bingx’s NFT debut, “Conversations After Midnight.” This track is a testament to Bingx’s multifaceted talent. In addition to being a  performing artist, Chan also served as producer alongside the Emmy nominated Rod The Producer. “Conversations After Midnight” is a harmonious blend of catchy melodies and witty, conversational raps that fans of Drake, and indeed all listeners, will find themselves gravitating towards.

First to drop at 1pm PT is the Signature Edition of the track, limited to a supply of only 100 NFTs.


Bingx, born Chanler Hendrickson in Seattle in 1990, grew up deeply influenced by the lyrical complexity of hip-hop and the raw emotion of grunge. His music beautifully bridges these two worlds, drawing inspiration from icons ranging from 50 Cent to Third Eye Blind. Bingx’s diverse influences and innovative sound make him a perfect fit for Gala Music, where breaking boundaries and exploring new horizons in music is celebrated.

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Reward Enabled

“Conversations After Midnight” isn’t just another track drop; it represents the evolution of music distribution and artist empowerment in the web3 era. Eligible for $MUSIC rewards when paired with a Gala MUSIC Jukebox Node, this track invites listeners to be more than just passive consumers.

Jukebox Nodes and the $MUSIC reward structure (explained in the Gala Music Whitepaper) offers both fans and artists a chance to actively support and engage with the music they love, heralding a new chapter in the music industry where artists and fans come together to redefine the music experience.

We invite all music enthusiasts, creators, and dreamers to join us this Friday to welcome Bingx to the Gala Music family. His journey is a vivid reminder of the transformative power of music, and “Conversations After Midnight” is a beacon of what’s possible when talent meets innovation in the web3 space.

Stay tuned to Gala Music and don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience Bingx’s “Conversations After Midnight.” Let’s embark on this musical journey together, one note, one artist, and one fan at a time, setting the stage for a future where music knows no bounds.

Be sure to follow Bingx on YouTube at Bingx’s Official Channel to dive deeper into his musical world and stay updated with his latest releases and behind-the-scenes content. Join us in celebrating the arrival of “Conversations After Midnight” and explore the boundless possibilities that Gala Music and web3 offer to artists and fans alike.