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Gala Music Harmony: This Week’s Track Drops

Gala Music Harmony: This Week’s Track Drops

This week, Gala Music heralds an extraordinary lineup of fresh soundtracks and experiences, crafting a future where music and blockchain converge to redefine the artist-fan connection. Let’s dive into the highlights:

RZR: A Cinematic Sound Odyssey

“I AM RZR” by Adrien Prevost

As the eagerly awaited Gala Film platform gears up for the premiere of “RZR” by David Bianchi, Gala Music is thrilled to announce the exclusive release of soundtrack NFTs by the illustrious Adrien Prevost. Signature Editions of I am RZRand Operation will grace the store this Friday, offering a rare musical journey just days before the film’s unveiling.

Ryahn’s Emotional Liberation: “Rick James”

Ryahn steps into Gala Music with “Rick James,” an anthem that resonates with the soulful vibrations of Indie/Alternative genres. Capture the essence of emotional freedom with Ryahn’s Signature Edition track, dropping this Thursday.

The Dropout’s Gift: “Present”

Immerse yourself in the present with The Dropout’s latest creation, reminding us of life’s most valuable gift—now. Secure your limited Signature Edition copy of Present this Thursday and revel in the beauty of the moment.

Dvice’s Global Smash: “Hablame”

Dvice presents “Hablame,” an NFT for the RIAA Gold certified hit that has dominated charts worldwide. Dive into the heart of Latin Urban beats this Wednesday.

TVLI’s Deep Dive: “Home”

Embark on a melodic house journey with TVLI’s Home,” an exclusive Gala Music NFT track from his upcoming album. Discover the soundscapes of electronic music with the Signature Edition drop on April 12th.

All Access Store: Exclusive Experiences Await

Gala Music artists S2art and Marty Grimes

The All Access store returns, offering unparalleled opportunities to engage deeply with artists and their music. From personal connections to limited-edition merch, explore the latest offerings from Marty Grimes and S2art before they’re gone.

Marty Grimes invites fans to unique experiences, ranging from witnessing a live studio session to owning physical collectibles, “Marty’s Pocket Rocket” or “The Marty Missile.” Meanwhile, S2art offers an exclusive window into his creative world with the “They See Savages Insight Bundle” and the intimate “S2’s Day Sessions,” bridging the gap between artist and fan.

Look for more experience drops in the All Access store each week on Gala Music!

Drops Throughout the Week

Tuesday at 12pm PT 👇

“remember me” by leapyear
“The fall of me” by leapyear
“Flowin” by Bone Mech
“Time Out” by Bone Mech
“Tonight” by C152

Wednesday at 12pm PT 👇

“Skin” by Daisy Guttridge
“Hablame” by Dvice (feat. Juanka, Anuel, Bryant Myerz & Lyan)
“Saying Goodbye” by leapyear
“For Us and the Ones We Love” by Ryan V
“Back Against the Wall” (prod. Shines) by C5

Thursday at 12pm PT 👇

“Rick James” by Ryahn
“Present” by The Dropout
“Phantom Colors” by Rooftalez
“Aliens Coming” (prod. AGkeyz) by Billracxx

Friday at 12pm PT 👇

“I AM RZR” by Adrien Prevost (RZR Soundtrack)
“Operation” by Adrien Prevost (RZR Soundtrack)
“Home” by TVLI
“Control” by RadioHazzard

As Gala Music continues to pave the way for a decentralized music ecosystem, we invite you to join us in this revolution. Let’s shape the future of music together, one track, one experience at a time. Listen now, and let the rhythm of innovation guide you through Gala Music’s evolving universe.

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