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Pagansus Debuts Heavy Metal Track “Bad Apple” on Gala Music

Pagansus Debuts Heavy Metal Track “Bad Apple” on Gala Music

Prepare for a seismic shift in the metal scene as Gala Music proudly announces the debut of Pagansus with their firstNFT track, “Bad Apple,” dropping this Tuesday, May 7th. Embark on a supernatural journey where metal meets myth with this high-octane offering that interweaves fierce guitar riffs, thunderous drum beats and haunting melodies, echoing with the force of a mythical, winged horse.

Listen to “Bad Apple”

Pagansus is a mythological musical phenomenon perfect for Gala Music, encapsulating the raw power and wild spirit of heavy metal. With hooves pounding rhythmic beats and wings slicing the air like sharp guitar solos, they deliver a performance that defies the norms of music and myth. This track will engulf you in its otherworldly energy, marking Pagansus’s bold entry into the web3 cosmos where they join the pioneering likes of September Mourning, AEONS and WVM as pioneering Gala Music metal groups.

This Signature Edition NFT track is limited to only 100 copies. Pair your track with an active Jukebox Node to unlock daily $MUSIC rewards based on their platform popularity. Become part of this revolutionary experience by securing your copy and joining the legions of fans in the uproarious rise of Pagansus.

Don’t miss out on this inaugural blast. Listen now and let Pagansus take you on a wild ride through the realms of heavy metal and high fantasy.

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