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Loyalty Pools: Locking Your $MUSIC to Support your Favorite Artists

Loyalty Pools: Locking Your $MUSIC to Support your Favorite Artists

The power to directly support your favorite emerging artists in multiple ways is central to our vision of a decentralized world of music that elevates artists while empowering fans. One of the most effective ways to power the success of an artist is locking your $MUSIC in their support. Check it out!

Lock Your $MUSIC

Locking $MUSIC is a mostly symbolic gesture that takes only a small effort on your part, but can have a profound impact on the success and growth of your favorite Gala Music artists. By locking your $MUSIC, you’re letting the Gala Music world know that you care directly about the success of your supported artists. Rather than just holding your $MUSIC, you’re holding it for them.

The best part? It’s still absolutely your $MUSIC. You can unlock $MUSIC that is locked at any time and at no cost. The only things you’ll lose when you unlock your $MUSIC are the benefits that come with your support.

How it Works

Think of locking $MUSIC as a sort of voting system that allows all holders of $MUSIC to back the success of individual artists with the tokens sitting in their wallet. Thanks to the power of web3 and GalaChain, your wallet money doesn’t have to just sit there.

Follow these steps to contribute to an artist’s Loyalty Pool.

  1. On any artist’s profile page, click Access Benefits to visit their Loyalty Pool.
  2. Browse the artist’s benefit access levels in the tabs to the right.
  3. Choose how much $MUSIC from your available balance you’d like to lock.
  4. Finalize the free transaction with your GalaChain transfer code and verify.

You can lock $MUSIC in support of as many artists as you like, supporting them with any amount of $MUSIC you choose.

If you’ve been collecting a lot of $MUSIC rewards for owning and hosting tracks, listening to unique songs each day and sharing Gala Music with your friends, you’re probably prepared to level up your relationships with your favorite artists.

You can browse all artists on the platform directly from the Loyalty Pools page. In the Loyalty Pool box, look for this dropdown to freely search by artist, easily allocating your $MUSIC to the most deserving artists in minutes!

Benefits to Locking $MUSIC

  • Private Discord communities
  • Chances to connect with the artist
  • Presale track drop access
  • Discounted tracks
  • Higher tier benefits at the artist’s discretion

Never underestimate the power of presale access. Because all Gala Music track sales are limited in supply, it’s always a good idea to give yourself a head start!

Unlocking $MUSIC

When you’re ready to make a new purchase, unlock an All Access Experience or trade your $MUSIC on GalaSwap, unlocking your $MUSIC from an artist’s Loyalty Pool is easy. Under Access Benefits, visit your artist’s Loyalty Pool page and use the three dots in the bottom right to “Release $MUSIC. 

That’s it! Your $MUSIC is then immediately ready to be used however you like but you’ll no longer have access to the Loyalty Pool benefits you had unlocked for that artist. Don’t worry– Those benefits will be waiting for you as soon as you lock your $MUSIC back in!

Locking $MUSIC in support of artists is one of the most innovative ways that Gala Music is empowering artists and fans to bring them closer together than ever before.

What are you waiting for? There’s a ton of new music to discover from emerging artists and established superstars alike on Gala Music. Go find your favorites and start locking in your $MUSIC rewards today!