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NxWorries Mystery Box: A Gala Music Exclusive

NxWorries Mystery Box: A Gala Music Exclusive

We’re thrilled to launch the NxWorries Mystery Box, a special collaboration between Gala Music and the dynamic duo NxWorries, featuring Grammy winner Anderson .Paak and producer Knxwledge. Originally announced last week as we started an epic LA popup event with NxWorries and Stones Throw Records, this exclusive offering celebrates the newly launched “Why Lawd?,” following its physical release last Friday from Stones Throw Records.

Pick up as many NxWorries Mystery Boxes as you want now for $4.99 each. The more you get, the more you’ll multiply your chances to win!

Get Mystery Boxes now on Gala Music

What’s Inside the NxWorries Mystery Box?

For just $4.99, each NxWorries Mystery Box contains three items from a curated selection, including:

  • $MUSIC
  • $GALA
  • An exclusive Gala Music remix of “Daydreaming” (Track 8 from “Why Lawd?”)
  • Gala Music Jukebox Nodes (~$2000 value each)
  • Exclusive Behind the Scenes video content
  • Drawing entry for 1 of 5 pairs of VIP tickets to an upcoming NxWorries live experience
  • Drawing entry for NxWorries limited merch
  • Drawing entry for NxWorries social follow on Instagram
  • Drawing entry for 1 of 10 signed “Why Lawd?” records
  • Drawing entry for Anderson .Paak signed collectible drumsticks with case

NxWorries Mystery Box Giveaway Terms and Conditions

NxWorries Merchandise Giveaway Terms and Conditions

Don’t Miss this Mystery

This Gala Music exclusive remix of “Daydreaming” is available only through the NxWorries Mystery Box and is a limited-time offer. Don’t miss your chance to own this special Gala Music exclusive NFT track and enjoy the potential $MUSIC rewards that come with it.

You can listen now to the exclusive “Daydreaming” remix, but you can’t get it anywhere but the NxWorries Mystery Box.

How to Get Yours

Head over to Gala Music now and secure your NxWorries Mystery Box while supplies last. Celebrate the launch of “Why Lawd?” in style and be part of this extraordinary musical experience.

If this is your first time opening a Gala Music Mystery Box, just view the unopened box in your inventory and open it directly through your collection page!

Don’t forget to listen to the exclusive remix of “Daydreaming” now on Gala Music!

Celebrate “Why Lawd?” with Gala Music + Anderson .Paak & Knxwledge AKA NxWorries

Celebrate “Why Lawd?” with Gala Music + Anderson .Paak & Knxwledge AKA NxWorries

NxWorries, the dynamic duo of Grammy award-winning artist Anderson .Paak and producer Knxwledge, is dropping their new album “Why Lawd?”, the highly anticipated culmination of many years’ work, following the 2016 release of “Yes Lawd.” Both albums are published by the Legendary label, Stones Throw Records.

We’re teaming up with NxWorries to release a special Mystery Box on June 14th, a remix track you won’t hear anywhere else, a weeklong event at Stones Throw Records and more.

X Records

Gala Music has partnered with NxWorries and Stones Throw Records for this release to sponsor a unique record signing event  at Stones Throw headquarters in Highland Park. The event,  “X Records”, is a seven-day pop-up from June 7th to June 13th with exclusive merch & collectibles, special guests and more. Anderson .Paak himself will be there signing records on Friday and Saturday, June 7th and 8th.

Album Release & After Party

“Why Lawd?” is the second studio album for the award winning duo– It will be available in physical form Friday, June 7th, and everywhere digitally on Friday, June 14th. The album release after party is at LA’s Gold Line Bar on Friday night, where Anderson .Paak will DJ (as DJ Pee Wee) from 10pm to midnight.

Exclusively on Gala Music for 8 weeks, you’ll find a special remix of “Why Lawd?”’s track 8, “Daydreaming.” The NFT Edition of this track will only be found within the NxWorries Mystery Boxes, dropping next Friday, June 14th

NxWorries Mystery Box

Launching on June 14, the Mystery Box is a $4.99 treasure trove for fans, offering a mix of physical and digital items, with plenty of chances to win. Each box contains three items from the following list:

  • $MUSIC
  • $GALA
  • “Daydreaming” remix NFT, exclusive to Gala Music for a limited time
  • Chance to win social follows from NxWorries
  • Chance to win signed “Why Lawd?” record
  • Chance to win VIP tickets to a NxWorries live experience
  • Chance to win Gala Music Jukebox Node
  • NxWorries limited merch

This Mystery Box exemplifies the innovative fan engagement model of Gala Music, beautifully blending money-can’t-buy experiences and physical collectibles with the latest web3 tech in an exciting and gamified package for only $4.99 each.

“Why Lawd?” Mystery Boxes will hit the store on Friday June 14th at 9am PT.

Bigger Collabs, Greater Rewards

This collaboration underscores NxWorries’ commitment to creating a deeper connection with their superfans. Gala Music’s platform allows artists to offer exclusive content and unique experiences, rewarding their most passionate supporters in unprecedented ways.

Gala Music’s unique revenue model and decentralized node network empower its community beyond typical listeners. Fans can buy tracks, pair them to nodes, and receive rewards to share in the success of emerging artists. This model offers exclusive perks and utilities, perfectly demonstrated by this extensive collaboration with NxWorries.

Are you ready for a leap forward in artist-fan engagement that blends traditional music experiences with digital ones? Join us as we bridge the gap between web2 and web3, bringing fans closer to the music they love while empowering artists like never before.

Mark your calendars for June 14 and dive into the NxWorries Mystery Box to unlock exclusive content and amazing rewards.If you’re not discovering new music on Gala Music yet for real rewards, you’re missing out. Start here.