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Junoflo Brings the Heat with “Sweat (feat. MIKE B.)” Signature Edition Drop on Gala Music

Junoflo Brings the Heat with “Sweat (feat. MIKE B.)” Signature Edition Drop on Gala Music


Junoflo dropped his latest NFT track on Gala Music yesterday–Don’t miss the Signature Edition of “Sweat (feat. MIKE B.).”

Junoflo is setting a new standard in the Hip Hop and Electronic fusion genre. Born in Los Angeles, CA, he has made an indelible mark on the Hip Hop industry, not just as an artist but as a pioneering Korean talent on a global scale.

Junoflo’s journey from crafting verses in the privacy of his bedroom to commanding the stage at an NBA Halftime Show is inspirational. His ability to seamlessly blend genres—Hip-Hop, R&B, and Electronic—has garnered him a diverse and dedicated global fanbase. 


“Sweat” is a testament to Junoflo’s continuous evolution as an artist. Featuring MIKE B., this track promises to be a groundbreaking addition to his discography, blending the raw energy of Hip Hop with the pulsating rhythms of jungle house.

Listen to “Sweat” on Gala Music

Junoflo describes “Sweat” as a deep dance record, born from a desire to expand his sound and create something truly refreshing. This release is not just a track; it’s an experience, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the intricacy and passion that define Junoflo’s music.

For those new to Junoflo or longtime fans looking to revisit his journey, tracks like “Deja Vu” and “Grapevine” showcase his versatile style and lyrical prowess. These works not only highlight his skills as a rapper and producer but also his ability to convey profound emotions and stories through music.

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Previous Gala Music Drops

“Sweat” marks Junoflo’s fourth Gala Music track–Listen to the others through the links below, including one still available in Signature Edition if you hurry:

“Acid Freestyle” – Legacy dropped 9/7/23 – SOLD OUT

Midas Touch” – Signature dropped 1/11/24 – SOLD OUT

Sweatpants” – Signature dropped 2/8/24 – STILL AVAILABLE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST

Dive into the world of Junoflo and experience “Sweat” for yourself this Tuesday at 12pm PT. The heat is on, and the beat is calling.

Own Tracks, Earn Rewards

Like almost all NFT tracks released on Gala Music, “Sweat” is a reward enabled track. This means that when paired with an active Gala Music Jukebox Node, the owner of the track is eligible for daily rewards in the form of $MUSIC, the official reward token of Gala Music.

The more your track is listened to on the platform each day, the greater your potential $MUSIC rewards. $MUSIC can be used to expand your NFT collection, unlock exclusive fan experience, buy exclusive merch, or directly support your favorite artists. Get closer to the artists you love.

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