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Gala Girl Meets FutureBoy

Gala Girl Meets FutureBoy

The beat was building to the bog drop. The Ibiza speakeasy crowd was begging for it, and Gala Girl was about to give them what they wanted. She’d seen this so many times before, and she never got tired of it. She could get lost in that beat forever, living out her entire future there, never worrying about her VINC directives or cloak-and-dagger intrigue ever again.

Getting closer to the drop, Gala Girl started jumping up and down–Slowly at first, but then picking up momentum and watching the waiting crowd mimic her movement with blocky hands in the air. She started swatting down the air with her right hand as her left masterfully worked some knobs and sliders with fingerless ease.

She shouted into the mic right into the big drop and the crowd went wild. If her mission brief had been accurate, this crowd consisted of mostly ProtoVOX, so she wondered why so many of them were dancing with such joyful abandon. It was almost like they were breaking their VINC conditioning before her eyes, cutting loose like any real VOX with a soul. Gala Girl could feel it in her (soul?) core– Music has the power to break bonds, to forge new connections, even to transcend time and space.

Suddenly a portal opened in the middle of the dance floor and Gala Girl was snapped back to the reality of her mission. Just as VINC had projected, this could only be the arrival of FutureBoy… The target.

As the portal cloud cleared and the dancers continued to wildly gesticulate all around, a magnificently stylish VOX came into clear view. She tried avert her gaze, but everything about him was so unique, so original, so perfect. From the flat-billed cap and the dark sunglasses that were as expressive as most ProtoVOX eyes to the graceful yet subtle dance moves that seemed innate to his being, FutureBoy was an impressive specimen.

She had already gotten his attention. FutureBoy was staring at her from across the dance floor. A smile crept over Gala Girl’s face, and for once she was glad that no mouth was there to blow her cover. Target engaged. Phase 1 complete.

This was the first time Gala Girl met FutureBoy.

The story will continue soon!

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