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New Vibes from Drex Carter– “the clock got away this time” & “and in case I don’t see ya”

New Vibes from Drex Carter– “the clock got away this time” & “and in case I don’t see ya”

Listen to “the clock got away this time”

Listen to “and in case I don’t see ya”

Gala Music is a decentralized music haven where creativity knows no bounds, and artists find a home for their unspoken words and unplayed melodies. We just dropped two new Signature Edition tracks from the returning Hip Hop artist, Drex Carter.

The Tracks

“the clock got away this time”

A masterpiece that was close to being lost forever, this track is a testament to Drex Carter’s creative spirit. It’s a song that encapsulates moments that almost slipped through the cracks of time, now finding a place to resonate on Gala Music. This track is not just a song; it’s a narrative of fleeting moments, wrapped in a 3-month Gala Music exclusive. It’s a rare gem that we’re thrilled to showcase.

“and in case I don’t see ya”

Another exclusive creation, this track embodies the essence of raw talent and intimate moments. Born from ideas in a bedroom and brought to life over a beat, it’s a track that speaks to the soul. Secured as a 3-month exclusive on Gala Music, this song offers listeners a piece of Drex Carter’s personal journey.

Both tracks dropped today, Tuesday March 12th as Signature Edition NFTs, limited to a supply of 100.

Meet Drex Carter

At 25 years old, Drex Carter emerges from Orlando, FL, as a beacon of inspiration in the music industry. With over a decade of experience under his belt, Drex has cultivated a global fanbase exceeding 24 million listeners, spanning major markets in the UK, Australia, the US, and Germany. His music is more than a collection of sounds; it’s a mission to inspire individuals to transcend their limitations.

Drex’s passion extends beyond music; he’s an aficionado of basketball, filming, painting, climbing, and traveling. His performances are a reflection of his vibrant life, a testament to his zeal and capacity to empower and uplift his audience. Through his positive energy and compelling message, Drex Carter continues to expand his reach, touching lives and inspiring hearts across the globe.

A Gala Music Journey Continues

These new tracks are not just additions to our platform; they represent the evolving partnership between Gala Music and Drex Carter. As we prepare for their release, we invite you to explore Drex Carter’s previous drops on Gala Music, where his journey with us comes to life.

“Firestarter” – Legacy dropped 7/6/23 – SOLD OUT
“All in my Head” – Legacy dropped 10/17/23 – SOLD OUT
“When in Rome” – Legacy dropped 11/7/23 – SOLD OUT
“Letters in my Mind” – Signature dropped 1/17/24 – SOLD OUT
“The Last Call” – Signature dropped 2/2/24 – SOLD OUT
“A Scar left Behind” – Signature dropped 3/5/24 – STILL AVAILABLE
“Underground Legends (demo)” – Signature dropped 2/23/24 – STILL AVAILABLE
“Monday Mourning” – Signature dropped 2/21/24 – STILL AVAILABLE
“Go Wild” – Signature dropped 2/21/24 – STILL AVAILABLE
“This Time” – Signature dropped 2/22/24 – STILL AVAILABLE
“Heart Back” – Pioneer dropped 2/8/24 – STILL AVAILABLE

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This is your chance to pick up a Signature Edition of “the clock got away this time” and “and in case I don’t see ya.” Let’s continue to support the artists who dare to dream and share their gifts with the world. Welcome to the future of music. Welcome to Gala Music.