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“Dead Eyes” ft. Powfu & Ouse: A Heartfelt Track Drop from Promoting Sounds on Gala Music

“Dead Eyes” ft. Powfu & Ouse: A Heartfelt Track Drop from Promoting Sounds on Gala Music

Promoting Sounds is back with a profoundly emotive NFT track that has already resonated with listeners worldwide. “Dead Eyes” is a collaborative masterpiece featuring Powfu and Ouse, crafted by the diverse music collective Promoting Sounds, and it’s available now in short supply as a Signature Edition NFT track on our platform.

Promoting Sounds is a music collective celebrated for its eclectic mix of genres and collaborations with artists poised to captivate your heart. With a knack for discovering and sharing sounds that strike a chord across the globe, Promoting Sounds has become a beacon for music enthusiasts seeking authenticity and innovation.

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“Dead Eyes” delves deep into the heartache of unrequited love, encapsulating the turmoil of a fading connection through its poignant lyrics and mesmerizing beats. This track has already touched over 100 million souls with its narrative, a testament to its universal appeal and emotional depth.

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Recorded amidst the vibrant energy of LA, “Dead Eyes”’ interweaves Powfu’s reflective lyricism with Ouse’s haunting melodies to create a compelling dialogue that explores the shadows of a love lost. It’s a musical journey through the complexities of relationships, underscored by a chilling realization: the pain of being unwanted by the one you desire.

Promoting Sounds’ collaboration with Powfu and Ouse for “Dead Eyes” marks Promoting Sounds’ third NFT track release on Gala Music. This release not only showcases their unparalleled ability to resonate with audiences but also highlights their commitment to pushing musical boundaries.

Previous Gala Music drops

“Memory” – Signature Edition dropped 1/24/24 – SOLD OUT

“Tired Eyes” (feat. Kado and Powfu) – Signature Edition dropped on 2/22/24 – SOLD OUT

With quick sellouts of the last two Signature Editions from Promoting Sounds, we don’t expect this one to last long. If you want the greatest $MUSIC reward multiplier when your track is paired with an active Gala Music Jukebox Node, the Signature Edition is for you.

JCheck out “Dead Eyes” on Gala Music now to experience the raw emotion and poetic storytelling that only Promoting Sounds, Powfu, and Ouse can deliver.

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