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Step into the Champions Arena – Live with Gala Games

Step into the Champions Arena – Live with Gala Games

Join us today from 3-5pm PT for some Champions Arena gameplay action, live on the Gala Games Youtube channel!

The streaming team has had a blast lately showing off some of our favorite games in the Gala Plays series. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to our channel and turn on notifications so you always get an update when we go live!

RPG Battle Action

Champions Arena is a strikingly unique collectible RPG strategy game that focuses on everyone’s favorite single aspect of RPG gameplay: The fighting. Created by a development team who grew up with the most iconic role-playing video games in the world, Champions Arena takes the strategies of team-building and battle further than ever before.

With an ever-growing array of Champion characters to collect, players create battle combinations and go head to head with enemy teams. Through multiple gameplay modes like PvE Campaign, PvP Arena and PvP Tower of Trial, players put their mettle to the test against enemies of all levels. You’ll probably catch some valuable tips and tricks for battle if you tune into today’s stream.


Champions Arena is always free to play, and there are tons of reward opportunities in-game, even for free players. Daily login bonuses, unlockable quests and regular promos ensure that there’s always something new and exciting to explore, even beyond the thrill of battle!

Champions can even be minted as player-owned NFTs. When you own an NFT Champion, you can trade as you please on the secondary markets, but (more importantly) you can also get Arena Points for victory, unlocking $GALA rewards for your gameplay!

Mobile First

Created by ONEUNIVERSE, Champions Arena is one of our mobile-first titles, totally free to download and play on your favorite mobile device. But you can also download and play on PC through the Gala Games launcher, so no matter your play style, the Arena is ready for you!

Download and play Champions Arena