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New Features Come to GalaSwap

March 7, 2024
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Trade on GalaSwap

After our release of GalaSwap last week, we definitely didn’t stop to take a breather. We’ve got new features just introduced and more on the horizon!

Order Book Added

We released GalaSwap as soon as it was ready to be used rather than holding it in development, so there are lots of features coming as soon as we can get them together!

First up, many swappers commented on how a visible order book would make finding the right swap much easier. We agree entirely, so we’ve added in the ability to view the order book of available swaps. Hopefully this gives everyone more of an  idea what swaps are out there as soon as they log in!

CoinGecko Price Reference

You’ll now find relative pricing information next to the swap interface. This information is sourced directly from CoinGecko’s data. 

While this provides a useful reference before swapping tokens, we still encourage all users to do research on token prices from multiple sources before accepting or requesting a swap.

More Coming Soon

More features are already being built for GalaSwap, so expect to see more coming out soon. We released GalaSwap in a very minimalist form to get it out to our community as soon as possible, and we’re not going to slow that momentum by sitting on updates that we could add. If we can make it work, we’ll get it integrated into GalaSwap ASAP.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next major updates coming very soon!