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Gala Partners with PlanX to Build on GalaChain, Forging a New Era in Blockchain Gaming

March 12, 2024
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Gala Games

Gala is thrilled to announce a monumental partnership with PlanX, a pioneering force in blockchain gaming development, to usher in a new age of community-driven and ownership enabled gaming experiences. This collaboration is set to revolutionize the digital gaming landscape by fostering the growth of a game public chain ecosystem prioritizing fairness, transparency, and innovation.

Empowering Gamers with True Ownership and a Rich Gaming Experience

At the heart of our partnership with PlanX lies a shared vision to transform the gaming industry. Even when GalaChain was still just a vision in the minds of Gala’s blockchain wizards, we knew that gaming was one of the most important applications of this revolutionary tech. That’s why we started sharing the vision as Gala Games.

PlanX is an on-chain Steam platform that aggregates high-quality gaming projects and asset transactions, aligns with Gala Games’ mission to build a public game chain that serves as a foundation for a more equitable gaming world. Together, we aim to enhance the gaming industry by integrating the unique functionalities and advantages of the Gala chain into an array of game projects on the PlanX platform.

Our collaboration with PlanX will explore the vast potentialities of the game public chain ecosystem, leveraging Gala Chain’s technical prowess to deliver a gaming experience that is not only secure and efficient but also enriches player engagement through true digital asset ownership and seamless asset circulation.

A Revolutionary Step Towards an Innovative Gaming Future

Gala Games believes that blockchain technology holds the key to unlocking a new dimension of gaming. This partnership with PlanX is a significant milestone in our journey to revolutionize the gaming industry, signifying how far we’ve come. 

This partnership is not just about technological integration; it’s about building a community and an ecosystem centered around incredible gaming experiences. PlanX and Gala Games will work together to organize community-engaging activities (both online and offline), and to launch innovative products and services. Our collective efforts aim to cultivate an open, inclusive, and innovative digital gaming realm, offering unparalleled gaming experiences to players worldwide.

Join Us in Shaping the Future of Gaming

Gala Games and PlanX invite gamers, developers, and blockchain enthusiasts to join us in this exciting venture. Together, we are not just creating games; we are crafting a new future for gaming – one that empowers players and celebrates community and ownership. Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this journey to revolutionize the digital gaming space.

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