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Gala Node Ecosystem: Enhancing Rewards and Empowering Operators

March 26, 2024
The Gala Node ecosystem powers one of the largest decentralized computing networks in the world.
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A major update was just implemented to the Gala node reward distribution system, ensuring that Gala Node operators are more accurately rewarded for the resources they provide to the growing GalaChain ecosystem

This update is important for the future of Gala’s DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network), which allows the ecosystem to scale with all the decentralized power and web3 security of GalaChain.

A New Era of Distribution

For years, the Gala ecosystem has thrived with the support and computing power of our Founder’s Node operators. To acknowledge and further encourage their support, we’re transitioning to a new distribution system designed to reward the efforts of our node operators based on their operational time.

Gone are the days of the simple pass-fail system. We’re introducing a more dynamic point system that rewards operators not just for meeting a minimum uptime requirement, but for their continuous support throughout the day. This new system is a reflection of our appreciation for our operators who go above and beyond in their contribution to the network’s strength and reliability.

The First Step

This update will initially affect the distribution of rewards for Founder’s Nodes and Common Ground World Nodes, aligning with our long-term plan to enhance the ecosystem’s utility and inclusivity. On the back end, this shift is an important step toward the upcoming introduction of Node Workload NFTs (tokenized node licenses). Transferable and tradable node licenses will level up freedom and control for our valued community of operators. 

Common Ground World Nodes will lead the way in conversion to Node Workload NFTs, just before the addition of the newly announced and game-changing Guild feature described in this blog. Founder’s Node Workload NFTs will be released soon after, paving the way to a more empowering ecosystem for node operators.

Future Updates

We are also fine-tuning additional updates to reward operators who stay current with the latest node client versions. This step ensures our network remains robust, secure, and at the forefront of blockchain technology. If you are a node operator, ensure that you are appropriately rewarded when these updates are implemented by downloading the latest node client here.

Stay Updated

You’ll find full details on the new point system in the blog linked below. Your feedback and participation are what make the Gala ecosystem vibrant and strong as we continue on our journey to onboard the first billion users to web3 tech. Together, let’s build a decentralized future where everyone is rewarded for their contribution.