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The Bux’d Bulletin

July 29, 2023
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Hi everyone,

So this month’s update is a little different, and a little ahead of time! Earlier this week we shared a ‘to do’ list, which was put together by Taco, based on community questions, concerns and feedback.

I set myself and the team a challenge to get through as many of the items as we could and below you can see the update, activity or action for each one.

Ahead of the list, a couple of key data points for you, for July 28!

We have:

More than 76k tracks now paired and available to the platform

More than 21k unique BEAM holders

More than 70 artists with:

  • Jewel Chang
  • PLS&TY
  • September Mourning

Having the most BEAMS held against them

The most engaged artist in our community this month was Wrighteous J from City of Sound, followed by Emily Lazar of September Mourning and Darren Claxton (thanks guys!).

We have now had more than 70k people come and play now.

Our top three countries for listeners are currently:

  • The US
  • Brazil
  • South Korea

We also hit 3 million streams — not bad … but there’s still a long way to go yet!

Okay on to Taco’s list:

1. Jane Handcock collectibles

These were sent out to eligible holders on Thursday (July 28)

2. Stash Box new drops

We have just received and are currently reviewing the casting tapes for ‘Snoop’s House’ the show that as mentioned in my last update will be tokenized for qualifying Stash Box holders. I will also be syncing with team Snoop around both a UK and US meet up later this summer and we have the Making of the Chronic Film collectibles to deliver soon — we have one more legal hurdle for their release to you.

3. Monthly platform draw (plus prior months)

We haven’t done this (in honesty I am unsure as to why), but we will get up to speed and do the April-August draws in August, and may well use AA experiences as well as tracks.

4. Orb Utility/BT update

We are currently working on our line up for EDM week and will ensure there is a bonus drop for orb holders within this too.

5. Node owner love

We do — we also have been talking about legacy beams (the ‘campaign’ was somewhat hard to ignore …) and while no commitment has been made, there have been discussions on how this would be viewed ahead of token launch (time legacy tracks held rather than plays).

6. Legacy beams

See above

7. Bridging back to ETH

This will be available next week — I was hoping for this feature to be released Monday (July 31), but I think with QA, the guys are more comfortable with a deployment anytime from Wednesday (August 02) — we will confirm.

8. Purchasing directly to GYRI

This update will happen with the above — and we will have a write up on the full capabilities and impact of our contract upgrade coming out next week.

9. Algo V2

Our popularity algorithm has been updated to better reflect plays off of the Gala Music platform — we have done this ahead of names with significant fan bases coming on to the platform (starting in August) and would note to you all that Snoop, Mount Westmore and other more established artist tracks are likely going to fair better, distribution wise than they did previously. A full write up around this as well as BEAMS versus Points in the All Access Store will be dropping Monday (July 31)

10. KOL details

Unfortunately we cannot speak on this yet.

11. More Giveaways

Doing much more of these, right now focus is on UA (user acquisition), but also ensuring that community members who engage with activities on the platform are able to opt into competitions via our ‘stages’ and/or ‘spaces’, as well as by watching and listening to content such as Top of the Drops.

12. App release date

We will have the Beta version of the App ready late August! And are going to be asking members of the community to lean in a little with testing too!

13. Taco merch/experiences in All Access

While not a priority (… I know mean Bux), we have done 3 Taco inspired giveaways this week alone — the TACO CHICKEN for GET PLUCKED! (the new game coming soon from VOX), the $250 food voucher (well, you can buy tacos with it …) and the Taco jacket giveaway which you can enter via this week’s Top of the Drops.

14. Review TOTD feedback

We have gathered feedback on this and some other high level engagement aspects — bringing new listeners and supporters in is key, but it’s much easier (and more realistic) when the others already here are having an optimal experience!


We didn’t get to (… I guess we do need Taco)

  • Scavenger hunt across Music/Film/Vox
  • Support socials on TikTok engagement
  • Exclusive Sound Booth activities
  • Dial in audio in stages for live music streaming
  • Finalize Spider Tanks Tourney planning

As always the team and I will be in and around discord to ensure we’re answering questions and keeping you up to date. There will, as the list says above, be updates on BEAMS/Points in relation to All Access and information around the technical updates and enhanced experience releases (including App testing) during the first week of August.

In the meantime if you would be kind enough to show some support for artists and what we’re doing on socials (including watching Top of the Drops!) and/or perhaps fill in our feedback form (doing so before Sunday 12PM PT means you’ll also receive a special Taco, VOX Chicken), it would be greatly appreciated,

Sending my best to you all,