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Money B Drops New NFT Track “Sit Next To Me” on Gala Music

June 25, 2024
Money B, founding member of Digital Underground, is joining Gala Music
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Announcing the epic release of “Sit Next To Me” featuring Guapdad 4000, the latest track from hip hop legend Money B, now available as a limited edition Gala Music NFT track. This reward enabled release is limited to only 100 copies and is now live in the Gala Music store.

Join Money B for an exclusive Gala Music live event at 5pm PT on Wednesday, June 26th!

Money B’s Web3 Journey

Known as Web3 Money B on social media, Money B is a founding member of the multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated hip hop group Digital Underground.

With iconic contributions to hip hop such as “The Humpty Dance,” “Kiss U Back,” and “Same Song,” and collaborations with Tupac Shakur on “I Get Around,” Money B has solidified his place in music history. His foray into the Web3 space is a natural evolution of his innovative and forward-thinking approach.

Money B’s partnership with Gala Music underscores his commitment to embracing new technologies and platforms. 

“My decades-long relationship with Gala Music’s president, Leila Steinberg, reinforces my belief that this partnership is destined for greatness. Gala Music provides the perfect platform for me to interact directly with Digital Underground fans, gamers, and web3 users alike—communities to which I deeply belong. The platform allows me to reward my global supporters with exciting incentives like $MUSIC tokens, exclusive remixes, and other innovative collectibles. This aligns perfectly with my ethos as an early adopter of new technologies.”

About “Sit Next To Me”

“Sit Next To Me” is a vibrant collaboration featuring the dynamic Guapdad 4000. This track exemplifies Money B’s signature style and lyrical prowess for an unforgettable listening experience.

100 NFTs are available as of 1pm PT on June 25th, 2024. This is a rare opportunity for collectors and fans to own a piece of hip hop history, and one that we imagine will pass by quickly.

Unlock $MUSIC Rewards

Tracks on Gala Music paired with an active Jukebox Node are eligible for daily $MUSIC rewards based on platform popularity. By owning “Sit Next To Me,” NFT collectors get the unique ability to share in the track’s platform success, generating $MUSIC rewards on a daily basis!

Stay Tuned

This release marks the beginning of Money B’s partnership with Gala Music. Stay tuned for more upcoming Money B releases (including some Gala Music exclusives!) and secure your copy of “Sit Next To Me” today while you still can!

Listen to “Sit Next to Me” NowJoin us in celebrating a legendary artist in the web3 space as together we unlock the future of music, with more freedom and empowerment for listeners and artists alike! Follow Money B on Twitter and Instagram for more updates.