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This Week on Gala Music: Tons of New Tracks

March 19, 2024
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Music, Memories, and Milestones

Gala Music is setting the stage for an unforgettable week with new drops from both emerging talents and fan favorites. Look for fresh sounds and unique experiences in our rapidly growing world of decentralized music. Let’s dive into the exciting lineup and special features that await us this week.

Nostalgic Notes and Fresh Beats

Kicking off the week, we have Krysta Youngs teaming up with Stash Konig and Liquid Todd to bring you “Let’s Go Back,” a track that promises to transport listeners to summer days filled with nostalgia, timeless piano, and pulsating bass lines. This Gala Music Signature Edition, dropping Tuesday at 12pm PT, is a celebration of rhythm and energy, offering $MUSIC rewards for its owners when paired with an active Gala Music Jukebox Node.

But Tuesday drops don’t end there. We’ve got a powerful blend of Hip Hop and jungle house in Junoflo‘s latest work, “Sweat (Feat. MIKE B.),” alongside the debut of Houston-based rapper Billyracxx with “Aliens Cry (Prod. by Mike Santana)” and Sarafa’s “Rock N Roll.”  Each track brings its own flavor and story, enriching the Gala Music ecosystem with diverse sounds and narratives.

Dropping on Tuesday at 12pm PT 👇

OKAY! KENJI–”When it Rains it Pours”
Sarafa–”Rock n Roll
Junoflo–”Sweat (feat. MIKE B.)
Drex Carter–”Life Goes On
Krysta Youngs–”Let’s Go Back
Billyracxx–”Aliens Cry

Dropping Wednesday at 12pm PT 👇

Darren Claxton– “Dragonfly
Robot Clinic– “Hustle
Kado– “Float (feat. SEON)
City of Sound– “The Magna Colliseo
Liquid Todd– “Easy Boy
Robot Clinic– “Robocaine for the Soul
Daisy Gray– “Wicked Game

Dropping Thursday at 12pm PT 👇

Marty Grimes– “Colfax Street (prod. by Cleeezus & Craig Shmurda)
WVM– “Transference
Sarafa– “Bossy
Maiza– “Swerve

Dropping Friday at 12pm PT 👇

Sarafa– “Sarafaveli
Bobo.Xx– “Next Life
Emily Faye– “Free Coffee
Theni 8– “W
Bronze Whale– “How U Feeling

Friday Mix

The excitement builds towards Friday with a trio of releases that span genres and emotions. The indie electronic duo Bronze Whale introduces “How U Feeling,” combining introspective lyrics with vibrant soundscapes. We’ve also got indie urban Hip Hop artist Obvi making a memorable Gala Music debut with “SAYWHATIFEEL,” a track that promises to resonate with listeners through its honesty and depth. Each of these Signature Editions is reward-enabled, presenting a unique opportunity to earn $MUSIC while immersing in groundbreaking music.

And keep your ears tuned for an unannounced hot drop on Friday that’s sure to capture hearts and playlists alike. This surprise release is shrouded in mystery but guaranteed to be a highlight of the week’s musical journey.

Added Friday Excitement

All we can say at this point is there’s even more action this Friday than we listed above. Look out for updates later in the week, including an opportunity to snag another exclusive Mystery Box with a chance to score some sweet merch $MUSIC and more.

Celebrating International Women’s Month

Amidst the excitement of new releases, Gala Music continues to honor International Women’s Month by showcasing the inspiring stories of women within its community. Through music, narratives, and shared experiences, we’re celebrating women’s impact on the music and web3 industries.

Whether you’re an artist, fan, or dedicated community member, we’d love to hear from you!

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Join the Celebration and Discovery

This week on Gala Music is more than just a series of track drops; it’s a celebration of artistic diversity, a showcase of talent, and a tribute to the voices that shape our world. From the nostalgic tunes of Krysta Youngs to the innovative beats of Junoflo, Bronze Whale, and the first drops of Billyracxx and Obvi, there’s a rhythm for every mood and a story for every listener.

Be part of this musical voyage on Gala Music. Dive into the new tracks, celebrate the women who make music great, and stay tuned for the surprises that await. It’s a week to remember, a week to discover, and most importantly, a week to connect through the universal language of music.

Listen Now and Explore the Drops

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Immerse yourself in the sounds of today and tomorrow, picking up some $MUSIC rewards as you support your favorite emerging artists. Let’s make this week a symphony of discovery, connection, and celebration.