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Long Days, Big Drops–Get Ready for a HOT GALA SUMMER with Gala Music

June 18, 2024
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Summer is our favorite time of the year. It’s time for concerts, festivals, camping and living life to the fullest. And the music. It’s all about the music. We’ve got some awesome and exciting drops scheduled this week to finish out Pride Month strong, and this is only the beginning of our Hot Gala Summer, so get ready!

Make Way for Macy Gray

Superstar Macy Gray first landed on Gala Music last week, dropping the self-empowering collaborative anthem “I AM” alongside Big Freedia. The NFT is still available while supplies last!

As a special bonus… a Gala Music exclusive Paul Oakenfold remix track drops today at 1pm PT. You’ll only find this one on Gala Music!

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“Hawt” by Laganja Estranja

Get ready for a HAWT Gala Summer with LaGanja Estranja. “Hawt” was produced by GEKKO with vocal production by Gala Music fan favorite Krysta Youngs, who teamed up with Laganja Estranja to capture the musical spirit of the LGBTQIA+ community. Look for the track drop on Thursday, June 20th!

Listen to “HAWT” Now

“DEAD SEA” by Sazi

After selling out her Gala Music debut track with “Wrap Me in Ribbon,” the multitalented Sazi is back for more. Who said breakup songs have to be sad? Join Sazi as she captures the elusive joy of ending a relationship with “Dead Sea,” dropped on June 17th.

Listen to “Dead Sea” Now

“Blindspot” by Kimera G

Following May’s drop of her debut Gala Music track with “King Me,” Kimera G is dropping a new hyper chill hip hop experience with “Blindspot.” Join her as she exposes our continual tendency to choose paths that lead to pain, with dark bedroom vibes. Listen to “Blindspot” now and snag the NFT on Tuesday afternoon.

Listen to “Blindspot” Now

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This Week’s Drops

Tuesday, June 18th👇

Macy Gray – “I AM” The Paul Oakenfold Remix

RPK Princess – “take five”

fmonkeyrock – “The Land”

Drex Carter – “What Are You Waiting For (Gala Exclusive)”

OKAY! KENJI! – “static” (feat. shinigami)

Wednesday, June 19th👇

Ennio Carpenter – “Under Repair”

Liquid Todd – “Girlee Action”

der NATTERNKÖNIG – “Trojanisches Pferd”

c152 – “walking in the night”

Thursday, June 20th👇

Laganja Estranja – “HAWT”

The Lore – “Stay Where You Fall”

Ian Taylor – “It’s Just a Heartache”

Maffmatix – “Grime Time” (feat. ILL BILL)

Pagansus – “A Kick in the Head”

Friday, June 21st👇

Just shockey – “nothing like you”

Josh Dreon – “back and forth” (Gala Exclusive Version)

Very Yes – “You Never Know”

King Quan – “Lonely”

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