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Introducing ‘Charts’ on Gala Music

April 21, 2023
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The newest feature on Gala Music’s community-powered platform allows users to see track and artist performance, as well as total BEAMS rewards in one dynamic dashboard.

Today is an exciting step forward, we’re hyped to roll out the first iteration of our ‘Charts’ feature, enhancing our user experience and giving artists, fans and music NFT collectors more visibility over what tracks and artists are hottest right now.

TLDR — Charts mean you can:

  • See how your favorite artists or tracks are performing and trending in terms of BEAMS rewards distribution and total listens
  • Discover the top performing artists and tracks and whether they’re trending up or down (compared to the previous day, week, month or all-time)
  • Maximize your rewards by understanding what’s most popular
  • Easily find specific artists and learn more about them and their music
  • Share your favorite tracks with friends through social sharing, buy tracks through the platform and view the tracks on Opensea
  • This is just the beginning and we’re super excited to show you what’s coming next…

Find more detail about the Charts feature below.

Track what’s hot right now

The central idea of Gala Music is to give artists and fans a better way to play by rewarding both musicians and their supporters. With Charts, everyone has the opportunity to see which artists and tracks are getting the most listens, and distributing the most rewards. Charts lets you break this down to see daily, weekly, monthly and all-time performance for BEAMS distributed, and track listens — as well as giving you the opportunity to check out and listen to the most popular music on the platform on any given day.

Maximise and monitor rewards

On Gala Music, NFT track owners and Music Player Node owners are rewarded in BEAMS. With Charts, you now have the power to understand which artists and tracks will give the best rewards and see how any tracks you already own or host are performing in terms of listens and reward distribution.

See what’s trending right now

As well as tracking daily listens and daily reward distributions, Charts allows you to search and see whether artists and tracks are trending up or down on a daily, weekly or monthly trendline. Fans are quickly able to see the artists and tracks that are gaining or losing position and therefore maximize their rewards by understanding what’s most popular.

Making sharing simple

As well as giving you the power to see what’s hot and giving the most rewards, Gala Music exists to empower artists and fans. With this in mind, we know it’s critical to make it easy to share your favorite tracks and artists across your own networks, giving more people a chance to experience tracks you own or like, and in turn increasing the strength of the overall Gala Music Community. Charts makes this simple, letting you share tracks and artists with a single click across social and digital channels.

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