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Harry Shotta Drops “Growth (Gala Audiophile Edition)” on Gala Music

June 4, 2024
Harry Shotta drops "Growth" (Gala Audiophile Edition) on Gala Music, June 5th
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Gala Music is excited to announce the return of electronic hip hop artist Harry Shotta with his latest track “Growth (Gala Audiophile Edition),” releasing on June 5th. This marks Harry Shotta’s second track drop on the Gala Music platform, following his popular debut “Do What Ya Like” (produced by Macky Gee), which is still available in limited supply. Now is the perfect time to build a complete Harry Shotta collection as he continues to rise through the ranks of Gala Music’s elite artists.

Growth (Gala Audiophile Edition)

“Growth (Gala Audiophile Edition)” is a high-resolution, immersive listening experience where Harry Shotta takes us on a poignant storytelling journey of change, loss and hope based on true events. The second verse is particularly moving, as it honors his lost bandmate, Stormin MC, whose brave fight against cancer deeply affected the UK music scene. Produced by Erb N Dub, this track has been engineered for emotional clarity, ensuring every word and beat resonates with listeners.

Artist Bio

Harry Shotta is a Guinness World Record-breaking MC who has revolutionized the DnB scene, amassing over 100 million streams globally. Renowned for his boundary-pushing wordplay and creativity, Harry Shotta is a multi-award-winning artist who merges art, sound, and technology in unprecedented ways. From global performances with his SaSaSaS supergroup to innovative AR exhibitions, Shotta has garnered critical acclaim, establishing himself as a visionary force in both the music and mixed reality spaces.

Track Availability

“Growth (Gala Audiophile Edition)” will be available on June 5th. For $MUSIC supporters of Harry Shotta who have unlocked level 2 in his Loyalty Pool, the early access sale starts at 12pm PT. For everyone else, you can get yours starting at 1pm PT.

 Don’t miss the chance to own this exclusive track and experience the emotional depth and clarity that Harry Shotta brings to his music.

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