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Announcing the official Gala Merch Store — Open for Business

February 3, 2024
Gala Merch is now available in the Gala Music All Access Store
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Many of you early adopters have been waiting a long time for this one.

We’re ecstatic to announce the prelaunch of our official merch store with the sale of a brand new Gala tee, available now exclusively in the Gala Music All Access Store for $MUSIC.

Very soon, the Gala Music All Access store will add the ability to pay with credit cards and other cryptocurrencies on GalaChain, but if you want to cop this exclusive merch early, you’ll have to fork over some of that $MUSIC.

Other merch exclusives in the All Access store are coming soon.

All Access Store

Why Merch?

Some of you may misunderstand this expansion into the physical realm, thinking that we’re somehow dividing our efforts and distracting ourselves from the core missions of user empowerment and the growth of our L1 blockchain. Chillax–this is not the case. Instead, we encourage you to think of it this way: We have grown very fast and we’re rapidly conquering the world of digital ownership.

Spilling over into physical item ownership was essential at this point for us to continue at the speed of tech. There are no more excuses for missing out on mainstream attention, and merch is a supercharged vehicle that will help get us there. By showing your support in your day-to-day activities even when away from your screens, you’re doing a lot to support the mass adoption of our blockchain and ecosystem.

Plus, our designers have created some truly unique and awesome stuff–We can’t wait to hear what you think of it and see your shared content on socials!

When the Digital Becomes Physical

We’re barely getting started in the digital realm, but it’s high time we created a way for our beloved community to start repping our brand in the wild, in the IRL world. If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you identify more with the digital than the physical, but we’re here today to remind you that the physical world cannot be neglected. Sure, we’re opening a merch store, but we thought we’d take the opportunity to emphasize the importance of caring for our physical world.

We can create endless digital worlds at will through the power of web3, even allowing users to own and trade property within and through them. But IRL, there’s only one earth, and the responsibility of stewardship and care for that world is on all our shoulders. Since we’re all forced to live here together (for now, at least 😉), we might as well make the most of it!

We’re committed to growing as a company that gives back to the earth that hosts us. We plant trees through OneTreePlanted, we practice regenerative agriculture through Gala Properties, and we created an energy efficient and scalable blockchain with the ability to lead us away from an energy crisis, rather than toward one.

Now that we’re selling and distributing physical merchandise, you better believe that we’ll explore more opportunities to give back and ensure sustainability not only for the greater Gala ecosystem, but for the beautiful world we all share.

Never stop playing, Gala fam!

Get the Tee in the All Access Store