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Gala Chain and Bridging

August 3, 2023
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As we move towards full launch, Gala Music will continue to learn and look for new ways to improve the experiences of artists, fans and music supporters everywhere. We firmly believe, as we always have, that more ownership, rewards and control will not only improve the music industry we know today, but will enable it to be super charged tomorrow. Part of that improvement is the sharing of power — giving both musicians and listeners an increased amount of autonomy and transparency.

Today we’re making another move that gets us closer to that…


  • All purchases are now minted directly to Gala Chain, and bridgeable to the new Gala Music Contract.
  • Tracks are now unique with ‘instance’ IDs which means there can be only one owner of each Track NFT. Track NFTs also now come with additional dynamic and interactive features which can be seen on OpenSea (please make sure you’re on our official page)
  • Credit Card purchases can now be fulfilled directly on Gala Chain which means you can pair tracks to a node to be eligible to start earning rewards straight away.
  • Owners of NFT tracks can now transfer them on Gala Chain and purchase directly on Gala Chain.
  • Bridging out to ETH is now available for all NFT tracks.
  • There will no longer be separate artist pages on OpenSea, but you can still use Gala’s collection to search through your favorite artists.


While some of us usually hate moving, this migration from our Gala Games ETH Townstar,* to Gala Music’s own contract is something we hope everyone can be pleased about — with Gala Music tracks NFTs now being minted straight to Gala Chain.

Gala Chain

There have now been several improvements to Gala Chain, Gala’s proprietary blockchain. Track purchases can now be fulfilled directly which means there is no longer a need to bridge tracks from ETH to Gala in order to pair with a node. It also means if you purchase a track with a Credit Card, that you can immediately pair and be eligible for rewards when the song that your track is associated with is played (…providing the node your track is hosted on hits the required uptime).** In addition, tracks can also be transferred with your Gala Chain address — this can be found on your profile.

Finally, you will also be able to bridge your tracks out from Gala Chain to the ethereum network, note a $GALA [GC] gas fee will be required for bridging out.*** To get the most out of your music tracks and start earning BEAMS, you simply need to make sure that they are bridged to Gala Chain and paired with a node (also known as a Music Player).

Bridging Guide


Going forward, new artists to Gala Music will no longer need their own dedicated OpenSea pages. Instead, the musicians you know and love will be found on a single Gala Music Collection on OpenSea!

As always we want to thank the community for their patience and their continued support, and of course the amazing artists that are the start of what we believe will be the future for the music industry. Here’s to progress, and the road to full launch!

* When transferring Vault items (a.k.a Treasure Chest) to Ethereum, they will still need to go to the legacy Townstar contract.

** There will be a 14 day hold to bridge a track out to ETH or to transfer it on Gala Chain.

*New bridging features don’t support legacy Gala Wallets. You’ll need to connect your wallet address to metamask or a coinbase wallet to proceed.

Bridging Guide