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FutureBoy Meets Gala Girl

May 24, 2024
FutureBoy is making soothing LoFi metaverse grooves on Gala Music.
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After what felt like an eternity of chilling, FutureBoy bobbed his head to life and emerged from his LoFi trance state of hibernation to a world filled with bumping beats and pristine right angles.

Racing with a flood of creative thoughts ranging from the present to the future, FutureBoy’s mind struggled for a grip on the one aspect of time that had always eluded him: The past. When the now is so epic and the future is packed with such monumental ideas, who could possibly leave room for memories? Still, he could recognize the low-lighted room around, the musty couch beneath, and his faithful companion pecking away at the controller like a feather clad video game goddess.

“Pluck!” he suddenly exclaimed, and at the sound of her name, she looked up rigidly from her pecking, ready to spring into action.

The soothing sick beats were bumping as loud as ever from the pixelated record player in the corner of the bachelor pad. Good cleaning groove, he thought. With a big yawn from his mouthless face, FutureBoy was about to get up when he felt a strange tingling through his skeleton.

“Something is about to happen,” said FutureBoy, rising to his feet and dusting off his jacket’s front plane. 

“Bercawlk,” Chicken replied. She had a unique way of spelling chicken sounds.

Suddenly a strange and otherworldly portal appeared and both FutureBoy and Pluck were relocated to a trendy beachside speakeasy. Using his uncanny sense of geo-location, FutureBoy knew instantly that he was in Ibiza, Spain. All around, the VOX were dancing, waving their jointless arms, kicking their legs and bobbing their heads to the beat.

With a quick glance at the stage, FutureBoy fell in love.

Behind a DJ rig that was sleeker, shinier and squarer than anything FutureBoy could imagine, stood a vision of beauty cubed. She was more than a DJ. She was the life of the party. She was the flipping party. She made the rest of the VOX chumps in the speakeasy look like Legos. Without her, this entire animation would completely lack a focal point. FutureBoy was so enamored that he was oblivious to Chicken’s incessant pecking at his left ankle.

He could count only a few pixels in her eyes, so it was a wonder they could contain such boundless beauty. When they looked back at him, their future life together flashed through his mind in an instant he never wanted to end.

This was FutureBoy’s first meeting of Gala Girl.

The story will continue soon!

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