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Disco Fries Debut on Gala Music with High-Energy NFT Track ‘Turn the Lights Off’ – Dropping Tomorrow!

April 23, 2024
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Join us in welcoming the iconic American duo, Disco Fries, to Gala Music with their electrifying debut NFT track “Turn the Lights Off”, set to release on 4/24. Known for their explosive energy and unique sound that transcends genres, Disco Fries is set to ignite our musical landscape with a track with the potential to become a staple in every dance music enthusiast’s playlist.

“Turn the Lights Off” encapsulates the quintessential Disco Fries sound, a blend that has electrified clubs and festivals around the world. With high-energy vocals powered by Kits.AI, the track delivers the perfect kickoff to any set, echoing club hits like “The Cut” and “Body Pop.” As described by Nick Ditri and Danny Boselovic (the duo behind the magic) this track aims to “bring back a timeless sound,” making it a must-have for fans and collectors alike.

Disco Fries

As Disco Fries gears up for their debut on Gala Music, it’s the perfect time to delve deeper into their journey from college buddies to dance music icons.

Nick and Danny met during their time at Berklee College of Music, where they quickly realized their shared passion for groundbreaking sounds. This connection led them to adopt the moniker Disco Fries, inspired by a late-night snack, symbolizing their fun and eclectic approach to music. Over the years, they have expertly walked the sonic tightrope between mainstream appeal and the vibrant energy of club scenes worldwide.

The duo’s early work gained rapid traction when Tiesto debuted their track “Lose It” at Electric Zoo in 2013, marking a turning point in their career.

This introduction sparked a fruitful collaboration with Tiesto, beginning with “iTrance” and followed by a successful release on Tiesto’s label, Musical Freedom. Inspired by the impact of Musical Freedom Records, Disco Fries launched their own label, Liftoff Recordings. Liftoff has grown to include a radio show and has become a vital platform for nurturing up-and-coming talent.

Disco Fries’ sound is characterized by blown-out basslines and classically driven melodies, blurring genres and captivating dance floors around the globe. Their work spans significant collaborations and production credits, including tracks with Hardwell, Snoop Dogg, and Krewella, and their involvement in Tiësto’s album “A Town Called Paradise” — featuring the platinum hit “Wasted.”

Their influence extends beyond music production to business ventures like, where they help artists perfect their recordings, and their strategic investments in the e-sports arena with organizations like FaZe Clan and X-Set. This diversification highlights their innovative approach to the music industry and their commitment to exploring new horizons.

With “Turn the Lights Off,” Disco Fries continues to push the envelope, bringing their unique blend of high-energy dance music to a global audience through the innovative and uncharted world of music NFTs. This track is a celebration of their enduring friendship, shared musical vision and their relentless drive to keep the party going.

Join us in welcoming Disco Fries to Gala Music and get ready to own an NFT track that encapsulates the essence of their journey and the vibrant spirit of dance music.

As Disco Fries makes their Gala Music debut, “Turn the Lights Off” is an invitation to experience the adrenaline of dance music fused with the innovation of NFTs. This release is not only a milestone for Disco Fries but also for Gala Music as we continue to bring pioneering artists and exclusive tracks to our community and push the boundaries of music in the digital age.

Listen to “Turn the Lights Off” now, and join us tomorrow to be part of this landmark moment with the Signature Edition NFT drop of the track. Don’t miss out on owning a piece of dance music history with Disco Fries’ debut NFT release. Let the party begin, and as always, the lights go off!

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