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Back, Beats and Beyond

November 4, 2023
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Hi Everyone,

Well another month has flown by, but it has not passed without meaningful progress, and it doesn’t end without a clear view on what comes next.

Let’s dive in …

Back — what happened in June

Beats — what’s coming in July

Beyond — what’s on the horizon


June saw the release of our first ‘slice’ of the ‘All Access’ store — a place where exclusive items, passes and experiences are made available to those who have earned BEAMS and/or held BEAMS against a Gala Music Artist(s) to earn POINTS.

How ‘holding’ BEAMS works:

1. Hold your BEAMS against your favorite artists

You are able to get some exclusive benefits by holding beams against an artist to get instant things such as pre-release (allow list) access and discounts on an artist’s tracks.

2. Spend less, when holding more

When holding BEAMS against an artist, your purchasing power in the ‘All Access’ store increases. Your purchasing power is shown by your POINTS balance.

The more POINTS you have, the more you can purchase with your held BEAMS. Your POINTS balance continues to grow over time. The lower the tier of the artist you’ve held against, the quicker your POINTS balance will grow.

3. Make exclusive purchases

In the ‘All Access’ store you can use the BEAMS you’ve earned and/or the POINTS associated with them to receive a discount on the number of BEAMS you need to spend to redeem the items you like. You can also just spend BEAMS.

4. Release the BEAMS you hold anytime

You can manage how many BEAMS you’re holding against your chosen artists in ‘My Access Pools’. You can get your BEAMS back at any time by releasing the amount of BEAMS you’re holding whenever you would like — although, when you do this, you will lose your holding benefits, as well as the POINTS you’ve accumulated.


Last month I mentioned that we would be making some key partnership announcements in June. We have taken some more time to work on these, the first of them is now expected to be released during the week beginning July, 10.

June also saw us make updates to the ‘popularity algorithm’ — this will continue to be refined throughout the month of July to make sure we get to an optimal weighting/calculation — especially important as we get closer to our official token launch and continue to bring new listeners, partners and artists on board.

Key Stats

Speaking of artists, June saw us release three new names on the Gala Music platform — Yo Poppy, Win and Woo and Brray — welcome to the crew! We now have 63 artists — and are expecting another 20 to join us in July. It’s great to see the community supporting new names and great talents — on the day of All Access release we saw 577k BEAMs being held against artists in a single day.

In June the Gala Music website received more than 1.52M visits that is up by 196% since May (517k).Visits from India, Brazil and The Philippines have also increased significantly this month, with user acquisition (UA) activities — note, we will be focusing more on Brazil, the Philippines and South Korean markets in coming months.

In June Gala Music had:

  • 16,353 BEAM holders, which is up 20.7% since May (13,551), note this number includes node owners without tracks and L2E earners too
  • 7140 First time listeners — up by 232% since May (2,149)
  • 73,027 Total tracks count — up by 4.2% since May (70,024)


July will see ‘Snoops House’ roll into production (important for Stash Box holders).

As mentioned, July will also see the previous announcements we have made reference to, released and also their associated activities mobilized — supporting platform awareness, growth and content with new artists coming on board and through new experiences and items launched in the ‘All Access’ store.

Speaking of the ‘All Access’ store — further categories will come online throughout July and more items will be added to the currently live ‘Concerts and Festivals’ selection. We will be replenishing some items in ‘Concerts and Festivals’, and adding more experiences to it — including more non-US events.

A content/release calendar will also be shared — as we seek to improve our transparency and communication style.

As some of you know, the Gala Music app is in development, this is the final piece of our puzzle — its testing and release will be a key input to our ‘listen and earn’ proposition, and a key source of engagement as we scale.

We will be asking for support from our ‘round table’ community members for testing and feedback throughout July.


As we move toward full launch, you can expect more UA, marketing and public announcements across August, with us releasing details of key events for the Gala Music calendar.

The Gala Music app will be released in its MVP form to support some of the festival activities we have planned and to ensure we have a ‘web2’ friendly offer that requires little knowledge and effort to engage with.

August will also see the announcement of two further key collaborations for Gala Music …

I’m super aware that there are always questions and to that end, we will be running a more considered feedback loop with you all moving forwards. There will also be a 6 weekly roundtable with key members and voices of the community to help us ensure we’re listening and responding to your feedback. I know I say it often, but I will never be able to say enough, how much your thoughts, feedback and support is appreciated by all of us.

Looking forward to a hot summer!