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All Access Experiences: Uniting Artists and Fans

June 3, 2024
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True empowerment of artists, fans and collectors means revolution in the music industry, and it goes beyond blockchain tech. It exceeds the innovative capabilities of digital assets made possible by web3 advances. It surpasses the expectations of today’s major record labels, whose executives care more about the bottom line than the relationship between artists and their fans.

At Gala Music, we understand that while artists make the music, fans make the music possible. This is why we’ve basically thrown out the traditional music industry’s playbook and created a new system that returns power to the artists and their fans.

One of the most important results of our rapidly growing web3 music revolution is the rise of our All Access Store, where we blur the lines between digital and IRL to bring you All Access Experiences.

Music is Meant to be Experienced

Directly supporting your favorite artists on Gala Music makes it possible for them to make music for a living– That’s the dawn of the new music world. It’s a world that breaks down the barriers separating artists from their craft, rather than building them up. It’s a world that rewards fans for encouraging the most deserving musicians, with multiple layers of incentives. Perhaps most importantly, it’s a world where music goes beyond listening, into the immersive realm of experience.

When you listen to a passionate musician’s track, you can step for a few minutes into their shoes to share both turmoil and triumph. By encouraging our artists to create and sell All Access Experiences, we’re giving you a chance to go even deeper, to immerse yourself in the passion that flows from your favorite sounds.

Check out some of the latest Experiences available in the All Access store, only available for a limited time and while supplies last!

Billyracxx–”Aliens Cry” Listening Party Experience

Disco Fries–Virtual Event

Daisy Guttridge–Autographed Shirt & Autographed Setlist

Earl Sweatshirt–Autographed Voir Dire Vinyl

TIHANE–Exclusive Private Concert and Live Studio Session

…and many more!

How to Unlock an Experience

All Access Experiences are limited supply, VIP items offered by artists through the Gala Music platform. So when you find an All Access Experience you like, you’ll want to secure yours as quickly as possible by purchasing the NFT in the All Access Store.

As an exclusive utility sink for Gala Music’s official token, All Access Experiences can exclusively be purchased for $MUSIC on GalaChain. When you generate $MUSIC rewards for owning and hosting tracks or for operating a Jukebox Node, your rewards are awarded as a GalaChain Mint Allowance, allowing you to mint directly to your GalaChain wallet at no additional cost whenever is convenient for you.

Once you spend your $MUSIC on the All Access Experience, you’ll receive a token that is redeemable for the actual experience or item offered. You’ll find your collected All Access Experiences in the “Experiences” area of your Collection page.

If the experience you’re redeeming involves a physical item, you’ll be prompted for additional information such as recipient name and mailing address at the time of redemption.

When physical items are involved, pay attention to the specific item details before purchasing. Some items are restricted by location, and not all physical items are available all over the world.

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