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What is Project GYRI?

February 19, 2022
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Wen GalaChain? 
Soon, but it won’t be called GalaChain…

Pretty much everyone in the Gala Games Ecosystem has been looking forward to the arrival of Gala’s own proprietary games-first blockchain.

Taking exactly what we need from blockchain tech and applying it to a brand new network built exclusively to power our world of games is one of the biggest next steps we’re taking as a company.

Nobody has done anything in this space the way we’re doing it. When you’re trailblazing, you achieve custom goals, overcome custom obstacles and create custom problems for yourself along the way. Of course, such problems are best dealt with using custom solutions. That’s what Gala’s blockchain is all about: A masterful creative solution to a slew of problems that blockchain developers have come to expect and accept.

The Gala Games Ecosystem was first designed for gamers, to give them a high quality games-first experience with all the conveniences and benefits of blockchain ownership. Minor alterations and further improvements to the development of Gala’s blockchain can easily extend the rewards to listeners, supporters, artists, fans, collectors, early adopters and more as Gala expands into music and beyond.

Now as the Gala World is growing to include Gala Music as well as other forms of media in the future, we see that the blockchain we’re building can help power it all. We have spent a great deal of time and energy creating the exact blockchain needed to power this Ecosystem in the ways we imagine, with the following features (among others).

  • Faster transactions
  • Reduced impact on the environment
  • Lower network fees
  • Lower minting costs
  • Interoperability throughout the Gala World
  • Transferability to/from Ethereum

We will share and explain the ways Gala’s chain will work throughout this testing process as we begin to prepare for the migration. Blockchain tech is a fascinating world, and we hope you all take a real interest as we have. This migration will be a learning opportunity for our community.

Project GYRI — Gala’s Chain in Action

For now, Gala’s blockchain will be known as Project GYRI.

The final and official name of Gala’s chain is not yet determined, but Project GYRI has been chosen as the placeholder name that will be used throughout the blockchain’s early testing days.

Until recently, this blockchain was being referred to in the community and team as “GalaChain,” but it has been decided that creating a test net is the best way forward.

The word comes from human anatomy. Gyri are the folds (ridges) in the cerebral cortex of the brain and sulci are the indentations. They give the brain its well known wrinkled look, and together they create a system that folds the cerebral cortex to increase its surface area so that it can process more information. They also create divisions in regions of the brain, allowing for the separation and organization of thought.

This is no biology class, but the naming metaphor should be coming clear. The gyri are the outermost layer of the human brain. They protect, organize and empower. The Project GYRI introduced by Gala Games in the coming weeks and months will fill these roles as well.

Your Security

Because your accounts can hold money and because in-game items can be truly owned, your security is incredibly important to us. This is why we’re not simply going to propel our entire community suddenly into a blockchain that is completely new and unknown to you. We have an abundance of confidence in our blockchain, but we also want our community to as well before migration.

For our growing community members to effectively protect themselves through changes, they must be informed and educated every step of the way. We will lay out every piece of information before changes are made, making sure our community members can always make the best informed decisions.

The Plan

Within the next few weeks, a fun community-wide test event will go live as the first applied use of Project GYRI, which will eventually become Gala’s blockchain.

This awesome temporary game will offer an excellent demonstration of how Project GYRI will operate. Players will be able to play-to-earn a token (unsurprisingly) called TEST, then spend their TEST on a few different in-game upgrades and bonuses. TEST cannot be transferred or sold anywhere. There are no sales or real money involved in this test, but it should be both fun and enlightening for everyone involved.

For a time, the TBA game will be available for the entire community to test, using the standard Gala Games account. During this time, we will publish written content, hold AMAs, and answer all your questions about Project GYRI so you can all be as excited and confident as we are.

You’re going to love the Project GYRI test game!

Migration Later

Eventually once all the bugs have been located and eliminated and everything has been sufficiently field tested, it will be time to approach the migration of assets. Don’t worry, you’ll have the option to lock your assets into the Ethereum blockchain (in most cases), but they won’t be as readily usable within the gaming platform. We’ll fully inform you before these decisions need to be made, and we have some great stuff to share long before the migration stage.

We will keep you fully informed through the entire process, and as always, we’ll listen to your helpful suggestions and feedback in Discord.

Look for more information coming soon, including the details on the new test net Project GYRI game!

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