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WhaleShark Week Continues!

September 20, 2021
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There are now less than three days to pick up a limited edition WhaleShark Tank in the Spider Tanks store!

Created by GAMEDIA, Spider Tanks is the play-to-earn mech brawler from Gala Games that everyone has been talking about. This week, we’ve got several great updates headed your way. Basically, the hype will only grow, and we wanted to remind you that special edition WhaleShark Tanks are still available (for now) in all rarities. These special edition tanks, announced as a surprise late last week, will only be available while supplies last for another couple days, then it will be too late. Be the predator or the prey… you decide.


The GAMEDIA team really outdid themselves with this beautiful tank, which comes with special swimming animation and an incredible heat-seeking torpedo launcher appropriately called the FINisher. Who’s got time to aim anyway?

A peek at the design process!

Check out this quick video of the WhaleShark Tank in action!

Remember: All Tanks and Tank parts are fully tradable assets that can be sold on secondary markets like Opensea.

WhaleShark Week ends on Thursday, September 23rd at 11am PST. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Look for more Spider Tanks excitement throughout the week, including a new release of never-before-seen Weapons and Bodies, and details on your next chance to become a Spider Tanks Beta play tester!

Spider Tanks is just getting started. Keep your eyes on the Gala Games Discord, the Spider Tanks blog, and the Spider Tanks store, because there is a huge wave of excitement headed your way.

GAMEDIA is an award winning game studio from the Netherlands, with an extensive track record and history. The long list of games we’ve developed are mostly based on well know entertainment IP’s and have seen the light on a wide range of platforms and hardware. Currently we’re focused on creating our own high quality multiplayer games for PC, consoles as well as mobile.