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Treasure Tapper Introduces Exciting New Daily Reward Feature!

July 3, 2024
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Attention, Tappers!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of an exciting new feature in Treasure Tapper – the Daily Reward! This latest addition is designed to enhance your tapping experience, allowing you to stack tokens just for checking in!

The ultimate web3 VIP lifestyle is closer than you think. If you’re not Tapping yet, start on mobile with the Treasure Tapper Telegram bot 👇

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Unlock Daily Rewards and Grow Your $TREZ Wealth

Tappers can now find the Daily Reward in the game’s Earn tab, right at the top. Every day when you launch the game, be sure to tap the Claim button next to Daily Reward. Here’s how it works:

  • Day 1: Claim 500 coins.
  • Day 2 and beyond: Watch your rewards grow with each consecutive day.
  • Day 10: Reach a whopping 5 million coins!

This feature is perfect for those moments when your tapping fingers need a break. Just by launching the game and claiming your daily reward, you can accumulate a massive amount of coins over time.

Why Gather Coins?

The upcoming Missions feature will give you more chances to multiply your haul by using your rewards to purchase crucial game-enhancing upgrades!

And soon, you’ll have the ability to mint rewards on the TON blockchain and GalaChain, so you’ll want to gather as many coins as possible before then. The Daily Reward is a great way to ensure you’re always ready to maximize your tapping profits.

How to Claim Your Daily Reward

  1. Open Treasure Tapper.
  2. Go to the Earn tab.
  3. Tap the Claim button next to Daily Reward.
  4. Repeat daily and watch your rewards grow!

The more coins you gather, the closer you get to unlocking the lifestyle of the web3 upper class. Imagine yourself flying on a private jet, dining with a personal chef or enjoying the luxury of a private yacht. All these and more will soon be possible as you collect coins and prepare for the next big update.

Join the Fun!

If you haven’t started tapping yet, now is the perfect time. Join the Telegram community and start your journey towards becoming a rich and famous crypto pro. Tap into Treasure Tapper and claim your Daily Reward today!

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