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Town Star Play-to-Earn Overview

October 5, 2021
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After many weeks of heads down hard work on a massive Town Star update, we’re thrilled to be kicking off Early Access to #TSP2E RIGHT NOW!

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The following document was built as a beginner’s explanation, introducing future and current Town Star players to the concept of play-to-earn and explaining how to get involved. For more in-depth info, please visit the FAQ or start a conversation in Discord.

What Does it Mean to Play-to-Earn?

Playing to earn is a new type of gaming, and you’ve stumbled across one of its greatest pioneers: Gala Games. Thanks to blockchain technology and the power of NFTs, players can now truly own their in-game assets in a way they never thought possible.

In the past, online games had to lock down players’ in-game assets, assuring players through careful placement of harsh terms of service that anyone caught prescribing real world value to the items would be severely punished. Gamers have lost countless assets to these kinds of violations, sometimes tragically being banned from play or locked out of an account years in the making.

Now, a few bold companies like Gala Games are empowering gamers with games like Town Star, in which players are not only allowed to truly own their assets, but encouraged to trade them on secondary markets as often as they would like. In some cases, players are even able to earn rewards for playing with these owned items. That is the basis of play-to-earn.

Instead of paying simply to play, gamers can now pay to unlock and enhance their ability to earn. Town Star makes this incredibly simple to both understand and practice, with a clear play-to-earn economy that will be described over the following paragraphs.

Solar Panels are the latest example of a Town Star NFT, available now exclusively for TownCoin!

Town Star NFTs

Some Town Star items are playable by anyone in the game at any time. These items cost only in-game money. This money must be generated and spent entirely in the game. It is not transferable and has no real value outside of the game. Other items are limited in supply and can actually be owned by players on an individual basis. They are called blockchain items, or NFTs. These items are different from strictly in-game items in several ways…

  1. They are limited in supply.
  2. They may be purchased in the Gala Games store while supplies last.
  3. They may be transferred between players.
  4. They may be transferred out of the game.
  5. They may have real world value outside of the game.
  6. Using them in the game may earn additional rewards. (more on that in the next section)

TownCoin — The Play-to-Earn Reward Token

TownCoin is a token that was created by Gala Games exclusively as a reward for playing-to-earn with Town Star NFTs. Unlike imaginary in-game money that cannot leave the game, TownCoin is a real cryptocurrency that lives on a blockchain. It can be transferred between players, listed on third-party exchanges, or bought and sold on those exchanges.*

*Gala Games makes no predictions, promises or speculations about the value of TownCoin, which is determined entirely by its trade markets. All TownCoin rewarded through playing shall be unminted in a player’s treasure chest. As such, in order to transfer, list, buy or sell, users must first actively mint the token.

Adding TOWN to Supply

  • Players earn TownCoin from playing with NFTs
  • Node operators receive TownCoin in a daily distribution as a reward for operating their Founder’s Node

Uses for TOWN

  • Exclusive NFT items that can only be purchased with TownCoin
  • In-game upgrades and benefits that are purchasable only with TownCoin
  • Holding TownCoin provides additional benefits to Gala Power

Playing with NFTs to Earn Rewards

Basically, players are able to earn TownCoin rewards when they are using NFT items in their Town Star build, as long as certain requirements are met.

Daily Challenges — Each day’s rewards are “unlocked” with the player’s completion of an in-game daily challenge. Examples of daily challenges could include earning a certain number of Stars in a 24 hour period, shipping a minimum quantity of a particular good, or anything along those lines.

Example only, details subject to change

Gala Power — Each player has a level called Gala Power that is determined (at first) by the amounts of liquid GALA and TownCoin held in their player wallet. This will later be amended to include additional factors such as NFT ownership, account age, and referrals. For each level that Gala Power increases, a player can play 1 additional NFT eligible to earn TownCoin rewards. For example, a player with Gala Power level 1 can earn from the placement of 1 NFT and a player with Gala Power 7 can earn TownCoin from the placement of 7 NFTs.

Season Pass — In each Town Star Season (exact Season length TBD), players who wish to earn TownCoin will be required to hold a ticket, an NFT item called a Season Pass. The Season Pass acts like a key, through which a player is able to earn TownCoin (provided that other criteria are met) throughout an entire season.

example of a Season Pass (all details subject to change)

NFTs in the Town Star collection have widely varying supplies, a.k.a. blockchain rarities. Each NFT earns daily TownCoin in an amount proportional to its blockchain rarity. Essentially, the more rare the item, the more TownCoin it will earn on a daily basis when placed in the game.

With the example of VOX, the NFT avatars sold by Gala Labs that can also be placed in Town Star for play-to-earn rewards, each placed VOX earns daily TownCoin in the exact same quantity as its rarity score, as currently displayed on RARITY.TOOLS.

Other NFTs, such as storage buildings of varying rarities, bot homes, fountains and resource-providing stands, each have individual TownCoin allocations based entirely on their blockchain rarity. For more information about how this is calculated, visit the GALA GAMES KNOWLEDGEBASE.

How to Unlock and Claim P2E Rewards

  1. Make sure you have some Gala Power. The simplest way to do this is to acquire some GALA or TownCoin and store it in your player wallet. With early access of TSP2E, GALA and TownCoin held in a player’s wallet will be the determining factors for that player’s Gala Power level. Below is the initial scale of how Gala Power levels are gained. These numbers are subject to change at any time.

Levels 1–20: Every 5K Gala Power held increases your Gala Power level by one.

Levels 21–35: Every 10K Gala Power held increases your Gala Power level by one.

Levels 36–45: Every 25K Gala Power held increases your Gala Power level by one.

Levels 46–55: Every 50K Gala Power held increases your Gala Powerlevel by one.

Levels 56–65: Every 100K Gala Power held increases your Gala Powerlevel by one.

Levels 66–73: Every 1M Gala Power held increases your Gala Powerlevel by one.

Levels 74–81: Every 5M Gala Power held increases your Gala Powerlevel by one.

Levels 82–86: Every 10M Gala Power held increases your Gala Powerlevel by one.

Levels 87–94: Every 50M Gala Power held increases your Gala Powerlevel by one.

Levels 95–100: Every 100M Gala Power held increases your Gala Powerlevel by one.

⚡Gala Power⚡ Equation:
Gala Power = Gala Coin + (Town Coin * 2)

2. Secure your Season Pass. In the inaugural Season of TSP2E, everyone will have access to daily earning potential without the requirement of a ticket, but beginning with the next Season, an active Season Pass will be required to participate.

3. Place your in-game NFTs. Remember that simply playing Town Star is not enough. You must also have a number of placed in-game NFTs, as each individual NFT is connected to a specific amount of daily TownCoin that can be earned. NFTs must be placed in-game at some point during the 24 hour period and be active when you claim your TownCoin. Even if they are placed 2 minutes before the countdown expires, they will be eligible for earnings as long as the other requirements are met.

4. Claim your TownCoin. Once all above requirements have been met, you will be prompted to claim your TownCoin. If you do not claim your reward before the countdown expires, you will forfeit that day’s reward. Claiming TownCoin is as simple as clicking the prompt once your daily challenge is completed.

Claimed TownCoin will be delivered directly to the player’s Inventory, but there may be a slight delay from the time of claiming until it appears in the Inventory.

That completes the rundown of Town Star Play-to-Earn (TSP2E). If you are looking for more in-depth information including specific numbers, more technical explanations and frequently asked questions, please visit THIS PAGE of the Gala Games KnowledgeBase.

Thanks to our incredible community for all your support! We hope you all love #TSP2E! Join the Discord, watch the blog, and get your NFTs in the Town Star store!

“It’s udderly astounding!” — Headmaster Cow
“Earning around the cluck!” — Professor Chicken

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