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Town Star — NFTs Enhance Your Experience

November 10, 2021
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Not only was Town Star the first playable game created by Gala Games, but it’s the first of its kind. The play-to-earn farm builder lets players own blockchain-backed items that are fully tradable. These items can be played alongside the standard in-game items, but with added benefits, as well as the potential to earn daily TOWN rewards for playing with them.

As Town Star Play-to-Earn marches on, gaining new players and perfecting its decentralized reward economy, tons of new NFTs are being added to the game. Some of them can be purchased with GALA, ETH, BAT and (like most items in the Gala Games store), while others may only be purchased with TOWN, the reward token that is generated by playing to earn.

The more players who join P2E, the more NFT items that will be created and sold, building a glorious cycle of incentives and rewards in which players always have the option to put their rewards into items that will generate more rewards! Today, let’s take a look at the different types of NFTs in Town Star and how each of them can be used to enhance your gaming experience and give you a Town Star advantage!

Get NFTs in the Town Star Store

This Haunted Mansion piece sits at the center of a complex industrial area, providing passive oil to the surrounding Refineries!

What Can you Gain?

Why should you want an advantage in Town Star? Not everyone is interested in the fast-paced weekly competition version of the game and its GALA prize money, but there are several other benefits to owning Town Star NFTs.

Support the Ecosystem — By owning Town Star NFTs, you’re supporting the biggest decentralized gaming platform in the world and essentially owning a piece of history.

Actually Own Them — The thing that makes NFTs so special is true ownership, which was lost somewhere along the way with gaming in the 21st century. Owning your NFTs means that you’re free to play with them, earn with them, transfer or list them for sale at any time.

More Efficient = Easier Earnings — Just by owning NFTs and GALA, you’re able to play-to-earn in Town Star. Each level of Gala Power allows you to place another owned NFT for P2E rewards. To unlock each day’s earnings, you must complete a Daily Challenge within the 24 hour period, then claim your rewards. These challenges will soon get harder and more specialized, meaning that any in-game advantage will be extremely helpful in unlocking your rewards.

Next are the different types of NFTs, so you can find your perfect NFT strategy by choosing which ones are best for you!

Haunted Mansions, Solar Panels and Mirandus-themed Skins are spicing up this awesome town!

Storage Units

With such a limited space (16 x 16), storage is always an important part of the game. In order to craft goods of higher tiers, you may need higher capacity storage without taking up a ton of space in your town.

So far, Storage NFT Buildings have been released to replace specific needs of the Silo, which stores basic crops only. Below are the different storage units available, each in 4 different rarities (capacities). The greater the rarity, the greater the play-to-earn rewards associated to each item.

Storage buildings come in all sizes and capacities!
  • Grape Storage
  • Brine Storage
  • Wheat Storage
  • Sugarcane Storage

Production Boosters

These buildings are also knowns as “Farm Stands.” In general, these are any buildings that provide passive resources to surrounding tiles. There are several examples, and we have taken this idea way beyond the concept of the farm stand.

This Wheat Stand provides passive wheat to all the surrounding Feed Mills, ensuring that the Ranchers stay busy and the animals stay well fed!

Wheat Stands — These provide a passive wheat bonus to surrounding tiles — higher rarity = more wheat and further proximity radius of the benefit.

Sugar Stand — These provide a passive sugarcane bonus to surrounding tiles. Higher rarity = more sugarcane and further proximity radius of the benefit.

Water Towers/Alfa Fountains — These units provide a passive water bonus to buildings and fields on surrounding tiles. Higher rarity = greater proximity radius.

Solar Panels — These units (available in 3 different rarities) provide passive solar energy to buildings on surrounding tiles.

Haunted Mansion Pieces — Every 1 of the 6 pieces of the modular Haunted Mansion provides some passive oil to Refineries on surrounding tiles. The Main Tower provides the greatest passive oil, with a radius of 3. The Haunted Porch generates (in addition to oil) Pumpkins on a timer, which are delivered by the Headless Horticulturist to the nearest Silo.

Free pumpkins and Halloween all year long!

Tesla Coils — Like Solar Panels, Tesla Coils provide passive energy to surrounding buildings, but they also have the added benefit of producing units of energy on a timer as well. Additionally, this energy is produced without the pollution caused by typical Power Plants.

Bot Helpers

Lovable Town Star bot characters can be found all over the Gala Games ecosystem, from those who help build and deliver, to the extremely scarce Legendary FarmBot, whose in-game purpose is yet to revealed. Even the most dedicated collectors can have a difficult time getting their hands on every bot in the collection!

CraneBot says hello!
  • FarmBot — ????
  • CraneBot —This upgraded Builder unit moves about 3x faster than the standard in-game Builder character
  • ElfBot — This bot, originally released a holiday referral incentive, assists with harvesting and delivery of all sugar-related crops and crafts.
  • SaltyBot — This bot was originally released as a referral incentive in early 2021. He assists with all salt-related crops and crafts.
  • Mr. Puddles — Mr. Puddles the WaterBot assists with all water activity in your town, and he is currently available only for TOWN in the store.
Mr. Puddles says hello!


Don’t forget the special series of Mirandus-Themed Skin Packs! Each of the 10 unique packs comes with skins for 5 different buildings. Each skin is an NFT that may be transferred or traded, but there’s more.

Each pack comes with a special Dragon Voucher. Collect all 10 Dragon Vouchers and you will become the owner of a Dragon Familiar in Mirandus! There’s still more…

The Mirandus Dragon Familiar

For every pack of these skins you have deployed in your Town Star town, you’ll get an exclusive SPEED and PRODUCTION BOOST! Use all 10 packs and your workers will move 25% faster!

We can hardly wait to show you the excitement planned for -into the galaverse, December 11th, 12th and 13th. Tickets are still available. Learn more at Galaverse.Games.

Beyond that, we’re thrilled to make 2022 Town Star’s biggest year of growth yet, with new ways to play, new ways to earn, and plenty of new NFTs for you to own!

Get NFTs in the Town Star Store