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Town Star Economic Updates

July 19, 2022
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Beginning on July 19th, Town Star Play-to-Earn will begin a series of major economic upgrades, temporarily pausing TOWN distribution.

The flagship Web3 town builder might have recently won the Best Blockchain Game of the Year award, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still huge room for improvement and growth. We are all fortunate to have witnessed Town Star’s rise as one of the earliest and most rewarding play-to earn games out there.

As we now guide Town Star to its next evolution as the world’s greatest Web3 sim game, there are some important developments and upgrades to be made. By listening closely to community feedback, we have determined that the best time is now to begin making these large and necessary updates.

Beginning on July 19th, all TOWN distributions to players and Node operators will temporarily stop.

During this temporary TOWN pause, we will focus on evolving the Town Star in-game economy, making tech improvements as well as adding features to the game. This has been discussed at length in the #townstar_discussions channel in our Discord community.

This change, while it is unexpected for some, is a wonderful thing for Town Star players, as well as for the health of the TOWN economy. With this change, we have doubled the size of the Town Star team and brought in a seasoned industry expert, Mark Skaggs [WIKIPEDIA LINK], to lead this winning team. We are also in the process of switching the game development engine from PlayCanvas, which is client-side authoritative, to Godot, which is server-side authoritative (an important part of stopping cheats, scripts, and hacks).

We are investing heavily in Town Star and would like to see it become the first Web3 game to achieve large-scale mass adoption. This step, while temporarily painful, is necessary to achieve that goal.

We will continue to run both the daily challenges and competition but changes should be expected along the way as new systems are added and tested. Town Points earned during this period will not result in any TOWN distribution and will be erased at the end of each day. Those who operate Town Star Nodes are under no obligation to continue to do so, but please know that Nodes are a key part of the future of Town Star.

This is a big project and it will take some time to get there, though we’re confident that this pause will allow our team to evolve the in-game economy, add more fun features, and upgrade our game engine to support an amazing future for all Town Star players.

If you have any further questions, feel free to join the Town Star Discord channels at to get involved with the conversation.

Thank you for being part of this community!