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Town Star Basketball Courts- in Store Now

December 28, 2021
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Last week, Gala Games teamed up with Under Armour and Curry Brand to change the game for GOOD with a charity NFT drop. This drop was special, designed to commemorate the greatest moment yet for legendary point guard Steph Curry as he broke the 3pt record on December 14th with his 2974th shot.

Curry Brand created a digital replica of the incredible Curry Flow 9, the shoe Steph was wearing when he broke the record. They made it into an NFT and created 2974 editions, complete with rarity drops and in-game utility in multiple metaverses. Check out our blog post about it HERE.

Now Gala Games is taking it a step further with the release of the first Town Star Half Courts, fully playable for TSP2E rewards!

Claim your NFT

Anyone who owned a Genesis Curry Flow NFT during the snapshot on December 26th at 8pm EST became eligible to claim its counterpart in the Gala Games Ecosystem: The Gala Games Genesis Curry Flow.

Through a connected Metamask wallet on, collectors are now able to claim the Gala Games version of the shoe directly to their Gala Games wallet or any Ethereum Metamask wallet.

The Genesis Curry Flow NFT also has claimable counterparts in The Sandbox, Decentraland and Rumble Kong League, but we’re here to talk Gala Games. We’ve got basketball courts, bonuses, and of course, Town Star Play-to-Earn rewards. 😎🏀

Basketball Court Sale

Basketball Courts are now on sale in the Gala Games store. They are available while supplies last and in multiple rarities.

These Basketball Courts are not designed to offer any boost to Town Star gameplay other than play-to-earn rewards. Instead, they were created to fit together with the Genesis Curry Flow. Neither the Court or the Genesis Curry Flow is required for the other to earn, but when you’re able to collect 2 (Half)Courts and a Genesis Curry Flow (all of the same rarity), you’ll unlock the FULL COURT PRESS BONUS!

Full Court Press Bonus

2 Half Courts + Genesis Curry Flow all of the same rarity = An additional fixed amount of daily TOWN rewards that depends on the rarity of Full Court Press you have unlocked.

Greater Rarity = Greater Rewards

Keep in mind that the Basketball Courts come in different rarities. As usual with Gala Games, each rarity can bring in a higher daily TOWN reward when you complete your Daily Challenge in Town Star.

There are 5 rarities of Half Courts that correspond to the 5 different rarity drops of Genesis Curry Flows: The Lab (Common), Warp (Uncommon), Flow (Rare), Broken History (Epic), and Unanimous (Legendary).

Get Basketball Courts now in the Town Star Store!

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