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The Warrior: New Parts Come to the Spider Tanks Store

April 18, 2023
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The Warrior Comes! Wielding the mighty Bouncer Gun, the Warrior is rolling into the arena ready for a brawl.

New Tank Parts are rolling into the arena! Our first sale for Generation 2 was chosen in a recent community poll. The Shaman may have won the honor of being first in that poll, but don’t think we’re going to prevent the other options from going to good garages across The Planetary Union!

This week The Warrior begins its campaign of brutality in the arena. This Tank consists of The Bouncer Gun, The Maul Body, The Viking Helmet and The Thrillseeker Skin.

Bouncey, bouncey, bouncey.

After our recent economy updates the arena is a very busy place, and of course the Warrior was going to get in on the action!

The Warrior, reporting for duty!

Sale Details

During our last sale, we realized that some of the higher rarity Tank Parts may fly off of production lines fast. Due to that, we’ll be releasing the total supply of this sale in two waves, separated by 8 hours. It’s our hope that this gives Pilots across the world a little more access to these parts at a reasonable time.

The first of these waves will begin tomorrow- Wednesday, April 19th at 12pm PT. Half of the supply of each Part will be available at this time in the Spider Tanks Store(rounded up in the case of a remainder).

The second wave begins at 8pm PT. At this time, the other half of the supply will become available. In the case that a Part is not sold out, the new supply will be added to the existing supply.

As with our last sale, these Parts will enter the store with a special percentage price reduction applied. These discounted prices will be discontinued or altered with little or no notice, so get them while they last if you want The Warrior in your garage.

The Warrior is perfect for assaulting dug-in enemies.

The Bouncer Gun

The Bouncer is the vicious tool of destruction favored by The Warrior build. This gun stores three projectiles, ready to cause havoc throughout an enemy team.

The Bouncer’s projectiles ricochet from one opponent to another, with each bounce giving an increase to projectile speed and damage. They bounce from one opponent to another within a limited range, but if you can hit opponents in a tight cluster the power of the Bouncer Gun becomes clear.


Maul is a medium-heavy Body. A little more bulky than Generation 2’s inaugural Crab Body, Maul is able to push Tanks around more like a heavy Body without sacrificing tons of Speed like the biggest Tanks around.

Maul’s high Energy, high Armor build fills a nice niche in most garages. In gigantic Tanks like Titans, your movement is often too limited to maneuver to get the most out of Weapons requiring a degree of finesse like The Bouncer. The Maul is flexible, but it is still a heavy-duty Tank. This makes it a solid choice for any Pilot out there.


Thrillseeker is always the life of the party. Boost up that Health and resistance to dance all night long, and throw in some extra damage in case you need to throw down.

Viking Helmet

The Viking Helmet is terrifying to behold as the indefatigable Warrior charges into battle. Remember, the horn side goes up. Downwards horns result in headaches.

Next Challenger

There’s a lot coming up in the arena, so stay tuned! There’s still another Tank combo from the community vote that we haven’t seen ship out to garages yet, and some exciting new features are on their way.

The arena is waiting on you. Strap in, load up and own victory.

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