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The Nexus Arrives in Champions Arena

November 22, 2023
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Borrow from or lend Champions to other players through the powerful Nexus!

Something has arrived that will forever change Champions Arena — Nexus NFTs. These items serve as the rental vehicles within the dynamic world of Champions Arena, acting as a bridge between Champion NFT owners and enthusiastic players, ready to enter the battle. The magic happens when these two worlds collide, opening up new avenues for collaboration and collective rewards.

At the heart of the Nexus NFT system is the symbiotic relationship between three key players: the Nexus Owner, the Champion NFT Owner and the player.

Read more about how The Nexus fits into the overall economy of Champions Arena in our litepaper:

Nexus Owner: Facilitating Connections

The Nexus Owner plays a pivotal role in the ecosystem, accumulating rewards for enabling NFT owners and non-NFT players to seamlessly connect and collaborate.

By allowing a Champion NFT to be attached to the Nexus, the owner opens the door for other players to utilize that Champion and potentially receive $GALA rewards without possessing the NFT themselves.

The Nexus owner themselves will receive a portion of any VP acquired by NFT Champions using their Nexus.

Nexus Owners can upgrade their Nexus using Gems as well, unlocking additional NFT slots and increasing their Nexus’ power. This not only enhances their percentage share of rewards derived from each attached Champion, but also expands their overall VP potential by letting more action happen in their Nexus.

NFT Champion Owner: Empowering the Arena

For the Champion NFT Owner, the Nexus becomes a key tool for getting the most out of their Champions. By attaching their Champion NFT to a Nexus, players without NFTs can utilize their possessions in-game, splitting Victory Points with the owner in the process. The more players are drawn to use their Champions, the greater the potential for rewards.

To amplify their impact, NFT Owners are incentivized to upgrade their Champions, making them more enticing for players. Additionally, purchasing aNexus NFTs can be doubly effective for your potential VP gain. Attaching your own NFTs to you Nexus allows you to reap the benefits of Nexus Owner and NFT Owner!

Players: Fighting for Victory

Players, the lifeblood of Champions Arena, accumulate VP by actively participating in the game. Players can now get involved in VP distributions and the meta-game of competition in Champions Arena even without owning a Champion NFT.

The system enables players to get their hands on a Champion NFT, but also encourages players to acquire more Champions… as more VP are awarded for more NFT Champions on a team. Furthermore, owners will always receive more VP without sharing rewards between an NFT owner and Nexus owner, so it provides a clear path for players to build their collection, thus increasing their potential rewards.

The Nexus-Powered Arena

In this interconnected ecosystem, Nexus NFTs revolutionize the traditional gaming experience by fostering collaboration, incentivizing strategic upgrades, and creating a mutually beneficial relationship between NFT Owners, Nexus Owners and players.

As Champions Arena continues to evolve, Nexus NFTs will continue to stand as a new way for all players to interact with the arena, their fellow players and their collections of Champions. The Nexus changes how everyone interacts with the arena.

The Nexus is a valuable tool in your battles… how will you use it to even more glory in Champions Arena?