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The Meaning of Community

September 29, 2022
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Community is everything in the world of Web3.

This is more than just another sound off about how community is important to us. This time, we’ll try to help you understand why.


  • As a member of our community, you are our favorite.
  • You are even more important than you know.
  • Our best people, ideas and resources come from your world.
  • Thank you.

Web3 is a Small World

Not to sound like a broken record here*, but y’all are early to this party.

*a record was a primitive but technologically impressive vinyl disc that was used in ancient history to store and reproduce sounds by scratching a needle across its spinning, grooved surface. Sometimes the needle or the record would malfunction, resulting in a small repeated portion of sound… kind of like a Tik Tok.

Out of 7.75 billion people in the world, only about 17 million own a blockchain wallet, which is about 0.219%. Source

If you feel like all you see is Web3, it’s only because that’s your world. For every person like you, there are over 450 more people who are still oblivious to the ways blockchain tech is beginning to transform their lives.

Web2 Doesn’t always Love Web3

This is an important point that isn’t often considered by those asking themselves what’s taking so long with mass adoption.

Without going into too much gritty detail…

Large Web2 social media companies have worked hard to cultivate an internet where they’re the ones who benefit from your attention, your spending, and your support. They didn’t want you to discover that your time and energy can have real value, and that value can sometimes be converted into rewards.

Basically, Web2 is afraid of Web3 because those calling the Web2 shots will lose profits as more consumers become empowered by Web3. They’re interested in keeping the lid on that Pandora’s Box as long as they can. This is why communities are so powerful (and so crucial) in the Web3 world.

Our community proves that, even while mainstream media advertisers are often stacked against us, the word of player empowerment will always spread. That’s the easiest way to tell that we’re onto something huge here.

What is a Movement without a Community?

Have you ever noticed that people rarely rally behind and build communities in support of bad ideas? The ideas that tend to effectively grow communities are those that have real world-changing potential.

Web3 is a huge paradigm shift that will leave no industry unaffected. It’s bringing power and control back to regular people everywhere. When we stop to consider the limitless future extensions of this empowerment, it’s easy to see why Gala Games has grown into one of the most solid and sincere communities on the planet.

Rewarding Our Community

At Gala Games, we believe that in the past, communities have rarely been cultivated and cared for as they deserve, especially in the gaming industry. This is why it’s so important to us to do things differently.

We have an open Discord community in which people are encouraged to express themselves (for better or worse), and many members of the Gala Games teams are readily reachable there anytime. We hope you realize how strikingly rare this is for a gaming community of our size and scope. You still must be polite and follow the rules of course, but unpopular opinions are always welcome.

We even have a special VIP lifetime membership club called Gala Gold. Membership gets you access to a smaller, more exclusive Discord area with easier access to the team, frequent leaks, AMA opportunities, and more. We’re not here today to talk about the multitude of benefits to Gala Gold membership, but trust us: Becoming a member is a good decision.

We think that communities should be rewarded not only with attention and engagement, but also with literal rewards. As a member of the Gala Games community, you’ll usually find a plethora of opportunities to receive rewards for participating in the community.

The earlier you’re here, the more grateful we are for your support of the Gala Games Ecosystem. You’ll also find that early adopters have even more reward opportunities than those who discover us later.

If you haven’t gotten to know the Gala Games community yet, you’re still early. Join us in Discord!

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