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The Knight’s Blade: New Tank Parts Hit the Arena Soon

May 22, 2023
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The Knight cuts clean through enemy Tanks, proving swordplay never goes out of style.

Transfabricators throughout The Planetary Union have been working overtime as arenas get more crowded than ever. A constant stream of destruction throughout the system means new Tank Parts are constantly needed, and the latest innovation from production lines is sure to create more than a few scrap piles once it joins the fray!

Soon, arenas throughout The Union will finally welcome The Knight. This combination of four all-new, interchangeable Tank Parts was inspired by ancient historical accounts recently uncovered amidst the ruins of old Earth. Adorned in ceremonial garb from Earthican mythology, The Knight wields the mighty Carver, a devastating piece of melee weaponry. The technology that forged this sword was reverse engineered from an ancient historical account of a galaxy far, far away, recently discovered in unearthed archives on Earth itself!

The Knight is comprised of the Carver Weapon, the Mantis Body, the Archmage Skin and the Roman Plume Prop. Check out more information about each of these Tank Parts further down in this article!

May Mayhem is still going full force in the arena. What better way to celebrate than with all new ways to battle?

The Knight: Sale Details

Just like our last sale, we’ll be releasing The Knight in two separate waves, each with half the supply available.

On Tuesday, May 23rd, half the available supply for this sale will be available at 12pm PT. The remaining half will then be added to the Spider Tanks Store at 8pm PT that same day. For any part that isn’t sold out, the additional supply will simply be added on top of any remaining Tank Parts.

As with the rest of our inaugural Generation 2 sales, these Parts will enter the store with a discount applied. These sales won’t last forever, however, and the discount may be removed or altered with little or no notice.

Enemies that flee will quickly wish they made different choices.

The Carver

You wouldn’t typically think a sword has much of a chance against the heavy firepower in the arena, but you’d be wrong. Using the concepts in the extragalactic histories along with modern DAS technology, the Carver is able to utilize a deadly and eternally sharp laser sword. Due to the weightlessness of lasers over clunky materials like metal, this saber — literally made of light — can swing fast and reach far.

If you can consistently use your maximum reach, you can stay away from most other melee range threats.

This Weapon will only deal with enemies at close range, but it will attack everything with a wide, sweeping 180° arc in the direction it’s pointed. While The Carver may not offer any way to deal with Tanks at a distance, close the gap between you and an enemy and watch them panic in the face of certain slicing.

Due to the large area of effect of its attack compared to other melee ranged Weapons, The Carver is an excellent option to chop down more than one enemy at a time. This makes it ideal for hit and run tactics on grouped enemies, such as in Poultry Pusher or King of the Hill.

The Mantis

Mantis scurries throughout the arena with haste on bladed feet that tap out the perfect accompaniment to Carver’s deadly song.

Mantis is a medium Body, but has definitely given up some of its bulkier Armor in exchange for some extra zoom power. It can’t keep up easily with the little guys like Flea and Blink, but it’s a solid option for someone who wants Speed while still being able to take a few hits and generate more Energy than the littlest Tank Bodies.

Since Mantis is quicker than most Tanks, it can provide you huge advantages in positioning or approaching entrenched enemies. Unlike the smallest Bodies though, Mantis doesn’t have to dodge everything perfectly to prevent its own explosion. This gives you a lot more options about how aggressively you can play and how much you push back when your positioning is threatened.


The Archmage Skin represents power and resilience, making it the perfect complement to The Knight.

Added Speed and Energy let you terrorize the enemy even more, while some extra resistances help shield you from any shots your enemies get off on you before their inevitable end.

Roman Plume

Drawn from a likely mythological civilization of old Earth, the Roman Plume was a highly poignant symbol to ancient Earthicans.

Anthropologists hypothesize that these accessories were used as primitive sexual displays to attract a mate over long distances on ancient Earth’s hilly terrain. Today in the arena, they definitely increase the ‘physical appeal’ of your Tank… with some extra Armor, Physical Resistance and Physical Damage.

Mayhem Terminating

This sale hits the Spider Tanks Store on Tuesday, May 23rd. Will you be ready?

Torrential Mayhem pockets continue to be reported throughout The Planetary Union. The Mayhem is projected to dissipate after this week, so make sure you get those wins in before it’s too late!

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