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The Grand Opening | Champions Arena

August 24, 2023
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Champions Arena is now live on Android, iOS and the Gala Games platform.

After months of meticulous development and relentless dedication, the day has finally arrived. We’re thrilled to announce that this incredible game from OneUniverse is now live!

Today marks a revolutionary chapter in Gala Games history. As we release Champions Arena on multiple platforms simultaneously — the Apple and Google Play stores for our mobile warriors, and the Gala Games launcher for our PC champions — we’re not just presenting a game; we’re introducing the next evolution of our ecosystem.

RPG Combat Fusion

For those new to the buzz, Champions Arena is not just another title in your gaming library. It’s a vivid world of turn-based RPG strategy, empowering your gaming experience like never before. How, you ask?

True Ownership: Like all Gala Games, Champions Arena is powered by GalaChain, our games-first blockchain. You can purchase, earn, or trade items that are minted on the blockchain, or mint your non-NFT Champions using special Minting Scrolls. Once a Champion is minted, you truly own it– No strings attached.

Play Anywhere, Anytime: With a simultaneous launch on both mobile and PC, jump into the arena whenever the mood strikes, wherever you might be.

Empowerment through Gaming: Beyond the breathtaking battles, you’ll discover an economy system designed to empower and reward players, creating new layers of depth and strategy for serious gamers!

Invitation to Web2 Gamers

If you’re still skeptical about web3-enabled games, this could seem like uncharted territory. While the tech is cutting edge, at its heart, Champions Arena is all about the love of the game. It’s exquisitely beautiful and masterfully designed by the innovative experts at OneUniverse, who have a special passion for changing the landscape of RPG combat. The empowerment of ownership, the decentralization, and the real gameplay rewards are just bonuses.

Ownership and rewards in Champions Arena are entirely optional. You can enjoy the game as much as you want, using non-NFT Champions to move forward. Then if you ever decide to own the assets you’ve worked so hard to upgrade, you have the option to mint them as NFTs using Minting Scrolls!

Whether or not you’re into real ownership and rewards for your gameplay, there is plenty of PvP and PvE action in Champions Arena to make the time fly by!

Secondary Market Champions

One of the greatest advantages to owning NFT Champions is the ability to trade them on the Ethereum secondary market.

Now that Champions Arena is live, NFT assets like Champions may be bridged back and forth from GalaChain to Ethereum.

Chances are you’ll see some new Champions become available on the official secondary market collection at OpenSea.

If you’re browsing for Champions on OpenSea and decide to make a purchase, just purchase the item with your account-linked web3 wallet, then you can easily bridge the Champion(s) into the game for PvP action and rewards.

Wherever You Game

This simultaneous launch on mobile and PC is a new chapter for us, and as we write it, we want you (our core community members) with us every step of the way. Dive into the world of Champions Arena, compete with players worldwide, and relish the thrill of a game that doesn’t just entertain but truly empowers.

Download Now:

Mobile players: be sure to connect your Gala Games account in the game to unlock your ability to earn Victory Points with borrowed NFT Champions using a Nexus!

Join us in this monumental journey. Equip your Champions, strategize your moves, and let the battles begin. The arena awaits, so start playing now on your favorite device!

Read the Champions Arena Litepaper to learn more about rewards and ownership.