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The Biggest Town Star Item Giveaway Yet!

October 22, 2022
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Town Star just gave away a huge pile of in-game items to Founder’s Node operators, then burned the surplus.


  • Town Star is really growing.
  • A large quantity of unsold game items has been permanently burned.
  • 2.5% of the burn list was instead given as rewards to Founder’s Node operators.

Town Star Memories

Town Star is the flagship game of Gala Games, and the very beginning of our player-empowering Web3 vision in action.

The first players of Town Star will always fondly remember its early days. As the game continues to evolve, you’ll be able to look back and see the fascinating journey of Town Star as a reflection of the much larger Web3 paradigm shift happening all over the world.

Getting nostalgic about Town Star doesn’t mean that we’re taking it easy at all. Gala Games has huge plans for its flagship game of town and city builders.

The Town Star team is hard at work, rebuilding the game on newer, more advanced tech, with tons of exciting changes! Some of these plans are currently taking shape before your eyes, and others are shared directly with the community in the weekly Friday Discord AMA.

Economic Adjustments

As originally announced in this article from July, major economic updates are on their way to Town Star, designed carefully to stay up-to-date in this rapidly changing industry while promoting the ecosystem’s long-term sustainability.

Today, we’re announcing one of these economic changes in action.

What Happened?

On 10/19, there was a Town Star item bonfire, the likes of which we’ve never seen before.

We have previously stated these items were minted in surplus, and that problem would be rectified with a large virtual bonfire. This is that bonfire.

In this burn, certain in-game Town Star items were permanently destroyed.

Check out the Ethscan link below for a complete list of Town Star items that were burned. Prepare for some strangely mixed emotions as you look at the list.

The Burn List

But Wait… There’s More…

We didn’t actually burn them all. The Town Star team set aside exactly 2.5% of the total items to be burned. Then we distributed them to the operators of active Founder’s Nodes as a daily distribution reward.


Why Give Anything Away?

We love to look for opportunities to reward our community, especially our early adopters and Founder’s Node operators. Early adopter rewards can often be greater than rewards for those who arrive later, so we want to offer as many of these early adopter rewards as possible.

If we find a way to hook you up in a responsible and sustainable way, we’ll always take it.

Why Founder’s Nodes?

We are proud of the decentralized gaming Ecosystem we’re creating together, and our Founder’s Node operators live at the core of our success. We have always said that to operate a Gala Games Founder’s Node is to step up and power this network, and we could not be more grateful for our pioneering Founder’s Node operators.

This surprise distribution is just another example of the ways Founder’s Node operators can earn rewards for their important contributions to the Gala Games Ecosystem.

Why Not Town Star Nodes?

We understand that this announcement may sting a bit for those who operate Town Star Nodes, but not Founder’s Nodes, and we’d like to offer a few reminders of what we continue to work towards.

Your time will come — As mentioned above, Gala Games loves to reward early adopters. If you own a license and operate a Town Star Node today, you are an early adopter. With Town Star Nodes still less than a year old, you’re even earlier than Founder’s Node operators. Your Nodes will have their time, and your rewards will come.

Other plans — Town Star Nodes have their own development plans for workloads, rewards, and utility, so attaching an unanticipated item distribution to their operation would have been irresponsible. Additionally, item distributions have long been established as a reward mechanic for active Founder’s Node operators.

People would miss out — Because TOWN distribution is currently paused, Town Star Node operators have a greatly reduced incentive to operate their Nodes right now. As a result, too few Town Star Nodes would be active for a fair distribution of rewards in this way.

What’s Happening in Town?

If the creepy fall chills weren’t warning enough, Halloween is coming. The Farmer has donned his yearly jack o’lantern helmet, and is now hard at work on his Haunted Maze — a Halloween decoration gone incredibly wrong.

Learn more about the Haunted Maze and other Halloween fun in THIS ARTICLE, and collect all four pieces of the Haunted Maze to more than double the in-game bonus!