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Spider Tanks Showcase: Flea

October 7, 2022
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Join us as we break down the best Tank-busting, chicken-scooping and overall match-winning strategies using the Flea Body!

Welcome to the Spider Tanks Showcase. Here we’ll break down a different Tank or Body each week, so you can be fully prepared for the next time you roll into the arena!

This week we’re focusing on Flea. This Body may not be as menacing as some others you’ll run up against, but what it lacks in stature it easily makes up for in speed and maneuverability. This Body can scurry across a map to cause untold destruction, all while other tanks are still just getting started.

Those who know what a Flea can do often have a healthy fear of this Tank Body, especially when piloted by a skilled player.

Run and Gun: Flea/Shotgun

One of the most straightforward ways to dominate driving a Flea is to use your superior speed to get up close, then unleash heavy firepower.

Flea and shotgun. Disguise up, tiptoe in, blast everyone’s faces off and boost out before you are noticed. Rinse and repeat.


Shotguns can be absolutely devastating at close range, particularly against enemies who group up for protection. You may not survive very long in a Flea up close and personal, but you shouldn’t need long if you can get enough of a drop on your opponents to take them out in the ensuing confusion.

You can utilize a Relay Drone or Disguise Drone to up your sneakiness and make sure they don’t see you coming. Pull this strategy off right and you’ll have the opposing team continuously afraid of what’s zipping up behind them.

Death From a Distance: Flea/Artillery

Up close and personal isn’t for everyone. Due to Flea’s superior speed, the further away you get from another tank, the harder it’s going to be for them to pin you down and hit you.

Sniper at level 0. Fire arty, rocket arty–


Using this method, you can create a zone of death around your opponents– all while you effortlessly dodge their incoming projectiles. This may be a little more slow and methodical than shotgunning everyone to pieces point blank, but it keeps pressure on the enemy, particularly when they are escorting the payload or protecting the hill.

Add in a Vortex Zone or Stun Grenade if you want to further paralyze Tanks while you assault them from afar.

Can’t Hit Me: Flea/Cannon

The cannon is a time honored tool of destruction for a reason. With Flea’s maneuverability, you can basically ensure that you have more ability to dodge than anyone who will square off against you.

Cannon will give you more control over shots, where Twin Gun will just give you that burst. If you play against immobile Tanks or someone with bad dodging skills, it’s a massacre.

-General Kaizen

No tricks, no shenanigans… just a Tank that is too fast to hit. A Cannon already has excellent control if you’ve got some skills at leading opponents. Add in Flea’s raw speed, and you’ll find your opponents are taking more time dodging your shots than they are taking quality shots at you.

A Cannon can do a lot of damage with just a few hits, and if you dodge well, you’ll have plenty of chances. Pair this with any ability that makes you harder to kill or more of a nuisance, and you’ll find a lot of Pilots turning tail to run from you rather than continually staring down the barrel of your Cannon.

Fear the Flea

Hopefully those few strategies helped you see why a Flea can be a force to be reckoned with in the arena, despite its size. There are tons of ways to play Spider Tanks, and no strategy is wrong if you can make it work!

We’ll be returning each week to feature another Tank or Body, and to loop you in on a few different ways you could dominate the competition using them.

Next week, we’ll be focusing on the Nomad Body. If you’re an expert behind the wheel of a Nomad, now is your chance to spread the wisdom!

We’d love to feature pointers from epic Pilots across the community each week, so let us know your favorite way to play a Nomad on Discord or in the comments below!

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