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Spider Tanks | Launch Bridging Utility

October 31, 2022
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Are you psyched about the big launch of Spider Tanks and its Web3 SILK rewards?

The launch has seen incredible excitement from players so far, and Gala Games’ own layer-1 blockchain (currently known as Project GYRI) is performing magnificently.

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We have a huge fortunate piece of news for everyone who earned Test Silk in the early days, but first… Let’s take a closer look at the functionality details behind this launch, and what we’re continuing to finalize for all of you.

What is Project GYRI?

The creation of a games-first layer-1 Web3 solution has been in process for over a year at Gala Games. This blockchain is designed to harness all the Web3 power we need while eliminating the parts we don’t. We’re proud to say that Spider Tanks is the first game we have launched on Project GYRI, and even prouder to say this is only the beginning.

Project GYRI is the blockchain where Spider Tanks gameplay is hosted.

Which Items are Where?

Items currently in your Gala Games Treasure Chest are not yet minted on Ethereum, while items you have purchased in either the Gala Games store or on the secondary market go straight to your account’s Ethereum wallet.

  • Project GYRI = Playable in Spider Tanks
  • Ethereum wallet = Ethereum blockchain = Must first bridge to Project GYRI

In order to use these items in-game, the items must be held in your Project GYRI wallet. This sometimes requires bridging.

In order to remove them from the game and list them on secondary markets, items must be held in your Ethereum wallet. This means they must be bridged over.

Ethereum to Project GYRI

Note: We have not yet unlocked the ability to bridge any tokens (ERC-1155 or ERC 20) to Project GYRI from Ethereum.


  • ERC-1155 items may only be bridged one at a time initially, requiring repeated network fees (gas).
  • ERC-1155 batch transfers (single network fee) will be implemented later this week.


  • ERC-20 tokens (SILK) cannot be bridged from Ethereum to Project GYRI with this launch (timeline TBA).
  • Ethereum-based SILK can still be used to purchase Spider Tanks items on Project GYRI.

Project GYRI to Ethereum


ERC-1155 items cannot yet be bridged from Project GYRI to Ethereum. Implementation of this feature will come later this week after the completion of new security contract audits.

FUN FACT: Once these items are bridgeable to Ethereum, they will be minted for the first time as true NFTs (non-fungible tokens), uniquely distinctive from one another. This will be the first time this transition has been made for Gala Games!


Bridging of SILK from Project GYRI to Ethereum is also coming soon, expected within just the first few days after launch.

This brings us to the last bit of news, guaranteed to excite anyone who has been participating in recent Spider Tanks playtests! We are pleased to announce that Test Silk will be converted entirely to SILK at a ratio of 1:1.

SILK will be awarded directly to Project GYRI wallets of qualifying players sometime later this week!

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