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Spider Tanks Closed Beta Incoming!

September 24, 2021
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Things are really heating up with the world’s first battle-to-earn esport, designed and created by GAMEDIA and brought to you by Gala Games. Everyone’s been talking about this epic PVP brawler, and hopefully you’ve been fortunate enough to participate in one of the many closed Beta play tests over the last several weeks.

We’re incredibly excited today to announce the kickoff of our biggest extended Beta play test yet, so read on for details about what you need to do to get in early on the mech mayhem RIGHT NOW!

Power Up to Play!

We have said repeatedly that there will be awesome advantages to owning your own Tanks, even beyond the obvious of the 100% perfect upgrades that come with every NFT Tank part purchased in the store. This closed Beta test is the perfect example!

To become a Beta tester for at least the next 2 weeks, the one requirement is to own a Tank. This can be accomplished in two ways:

  1. Own a complete Tank from the store — Completed Tanks sold so far include the special edition Tanks, the Alpha Executioner Chicken and the WhaleShark Tank.
  2. Own both a Body and a Weapon — A Tank Body and a Tank Weapon are the two main components of a Tank. No matter the combination, if you have one of each, you’ve got a complete Tank and you qualify for Beta testing!

How to Begin

If you own a complete Tank, you’ll automatically be able to join the closed Beta by downloading the GALA LAUNCHER through the link on THIS PAGE.

Visit THIS PAGE to for Gala Launcher instructions on the Gala Games Support Knowledgebase.

Skins do not count as parts of Tanks, but this time around, any of your owned Tank skins can be proudly displayed in battle, sort of like an esports jersey!

New Tank Parts

3 brand new Weapons and 3 brand new Bodies were recently released in the Spider Tanks store, and right now (while supplies last) is your cheapest opportunity to pick them up and take your place among the ranks of official Beta testers!

Get your new Tank parts HERE, and check out THIS POST for more details on these new NFT items, which are currently priced lower than they ever will be again. Hurry!

Spider Tanks is just getting started. Keep your eyes on the Gala Games Discord, the Spider Tanks blog, and the Spider Tanks store, because there is a huge wave of excitement headed your way.

GAMEDIA is an award winning game studio from the Netherlands, with an extensive track record and history. The long list of games we’ve developed are mostly based on well know entertainment IP’s and have seen the light on a wide range of platforms and hardware. Currently we’re focused on creating our own high quality multiplayer games for PC, consoles as well as mobile.