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Spider Tanks Announces Official Branding

September 14, 2021
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The players have spoken! The PVP brawler formerly known as “The Spider Tank Project” will officially be called Spider Tanks!

Spider Tanks, created by GAMEDIA, is set to launch as the next playable game in the Gala Games ecosystem, and we can hardly wait. Feast your eyes on this incredible Spider Tanks logo!

After receiving more than 600 title suggestions from the community, the matter was put to a massive vote that narrowed the field to 10 finalists. Then everyone voted again and one winner shined above the rest. The majority of you loved the ring of Spider Tanks, feeling that it appropriately captured the creepy crawly mech mayhem of this incredible future esport.

The Runners Up

We expected some awesome creative responses, but we were blown away by the sheer numbers of ideas. The Gala Games community is truly a creative force with the power to change the world of gaming. Tanks a lot!

We are thrilled to announce that the community members who suggested each of the top 5 titles (+1 special mention) will soon win a sweet prize from the Spider Tanks team, a token of appreciation for your help in making this difficult decision. Check out the winning suggestions below!

2nd Place — Arachnobots
3rd Place —Battle Crawlers
4th Place —Spider Tank Battle Arena (S.T.A.B)
5th Place —War Walkers
Special Mention — ShootyBooms

Make sure you follow the new Spider Tanks Blog and keep your eyes peeled for news as we race toward the game’s big release, which will be upon us before you know it. There will be beta play tests, new tanks and armaments, chances to win, behind-the-scenes development looks and more.

Beta Play Test Alert!

Look for the next Beta play test on Thursday, September 16th, beginning at 9:30am PST. To get in on the action, join the $WHALE Community Discord. Stay tuned for more info tomorrow!

Skitter skitter boom bang!

GAMEDIA is an award winning game studio from the Netherlands, with an extensive track record and history. The long list of games we’ve developed are mostly based on well know entertainment IP’s and have seen the light on a wide range of platforms and hardware. Currently we’re focused on creating our own high quality multiplayer games for PC, consoles as well as mobile.

There is a LOT more coming for the Gala Games ecosystem, including some huge game changers sure to get your attention. Make sure to keep in touch, watch the Discord ( and get ready for more interesting news! Follow Gala Games on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and in our Discord community!