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Play Mobile Games Now for Future Gala Games Rewards

February 15, 2023
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In the coming months we’ll onboard more than a dozen mobile games to our blockchain. Start playing some today to stake your reward claim!


  • 15 mobile games are coming soon to the Gala Games blockchain, bringing more than 20 million existing players with them.
  • We’ll fill you in with roadmaps as they become available. The first 2 are below.
  • Play Meow Match now (Play Store | Apple Store). The game will soon be onboarded soon to Gala Games’ blockchain, carrying cat ownership over into NFTs.
  • Play Dragon Strike now (Play Store | Apple Store). Scrolls of Minting will allow players to mint rare items of their choice on the blockchain once the Web3 version is launched, so start now.

Going Mobile

The mobile gaming wizards at Ember Entertainment are now part of the Gala Games family, and they’re bringing their whole portfolio of awesome mobile games to our growing ecosystem.

Little Computers

PC and console gaming has come a long way in the past few decades. Many of the experts on the Gala Games team were direct contributors to those innovations, so they could probably tell you first hand in Discord.

Even the incredible growth of PC gaming doesn’t compare to the growth of its little bro. Mobile gaming has come a long, long way since GameBoy and Nokia Snake.

Phones have become the most comfortable and convenient entertainment device we have ever known, and they’re literally at our fingertips.

Most of us have seen with our own eyes how much time people spend waiting, and we’ve observed how enraptured they can become with the sophisticated-yet-simple rectangle in their hands.

Importance of Mobile Gaming

Gaming experiences on mobile devices have become sleeker, faster, and more convenient than PC and console gamers may even know. New systems have blurred the line between mobile and console, sharing the advantages of mobile gaming with console gamers.

Complex supply chains, rising materials costs and delicately balanced national economies make it less feasible each year to even own a personal computer or a laptop. Besides, any recent smartphone can do everything a computer can do, and it’s much easier to get your hands on. Additionally, thanks to wireless internet service providers, these devices can keep us connected even in remote locations.

Why is mobile gaming so important? Simply, because it is the way…

  • to onboard massive numbers of new users to Web3 gaming.
  • to build a sustainable ecosystem with rewarding games for all types of players.
  • to empower people through play, even in life’s duller moments of waiting.
  • to give everyone all over the world a chance to empower themselves.
  • to publish new high-quality games very quickly.

A Bunch of New Games

As many of you already know, the team at Ember Entertainment created The Walking Dead Empires. What you may not know is that Ember has a successful portfolio of mobile games, and Gala Games’ acquisition of Ember means those mobile games will soon be Gala Games.

Plans are now in motion to bring in all of Ember Entertainment’s mobile games to Gala Games, incorporating Web3 reward economies and releasing them in rapid succession.

“If I asked the team to build 15 complete mobile games, that might take 9–12 months per game”

-Eric Schiermeyer, explaining the massive benefit of working with Ember’s existing portfolio of mobile games in Discord.

The first two games that will be onboarded into the Gala Games Ecosystem are Meow Match and Dragon Strike. Both are match 3 mobile games with unique, cross-genre mechanics and in-game items that will lend themselves perfectly to Web3.

Meow Match — Google Play Store

Meow Match — Apple App Store

Dragon Strike — Google Play Store

Dragon Strike — Apple App Store

Both of these games are already downloadable and fully playable in the app stores. Gala Games players are encouraged to start playing them early, because ownership and rewards mechanics are coming to these titles very soon.

Shortly after Benefactor’s original announcement on social media and the subsequent social media hype, more detailed roadmaps were revealed for each of these first 2 mobile titles from Ember Entertainment and Gala Games.

In Meow Match, all owned Cats will become NFT assets on our blockchain. Cross-functionality and reward utility for these cats will be established gradually throughout the Gala Games Ecosystem.

As you can see above, Meow Match will first be onboarded to the Gala Games platform within a matter of weeks, so hurry up and start collecting those cats!

In Dragon Strike, Gala Games account holders will receive a Scroll of Minting, allowing them to mint an in-game item on the blockchain. Events and rewards rollout are planned for Q2

Additional Scrolls of Minting will be purchasable in the Gala Games store for $100.

More details about the Web3 upgrades of these awesome mobile games is coming soon, and this is all happening quicker than you may think.

We can hardly wait to show you more of what’s in store with this plethora of fantastic mobile games from Ember Entertainment.

Meow Match — Google Play Store

Meow Match — Apple App Store

Dragon Strike — Google Play Store

Dragon Strike — Apple App Store