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Planetary Node Licenses Available Today

August 29, 2022
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A limited-time license sale beginning today will decide the first Spider Tanks Planetary Node operators.

The Spider Tanks world has been ablaze with exciting news lately, starting with the publication of the Lite Paper and followed up by the Node Atlas, which outlines the reward functionality of Planetary Nodes.

Here is what you need to know about the first Planetary Node license sale.

Sale Details


Anyone with a Gala Games account and wallet can participate in this sale.


The item for sale is a Spider Tank Planetary Node license. Like other Node licenses, this is a Gala Games platform database owned item, rather than a blockchain-backed NFT. Ownership of the license unlocks your ability to operate the Node software and earn rewards. There are currently no plans for Planetary Node licenses to be transferable assets.


The one week sale begins today, August 29th at 2:30pm PT and will end exactly 6 days later on September 4th at the same time.


Planetary Node licenses will be sold on the Gala Games platform only, purchasable in either GALA or ETH. In either case, a small amount of ETH will also be needed for Ethereum network fees (gas).


Pricing will begin at $2000. For each 100 Planetary Node licenses sold, the price will increase by $100. There are no limits per purchase, and there is no max supply for this one-week sale.

Additionally, the price will not increase higher than $5000. In other words, every license that sells beyond #3100 will also be locked in at the $5000 price for the duration of the sale.

Extra Early Rewards

An extra Drop Pod can go a long way!

As an extra early bonus for buyers of Planetary Node licenses, we’ll throw in an additional Drop Pod for every single Node purchased in this first sale.

Every player has a Dropship that comes equipped with a single Drop Pod. A Tank can be placed in this Drop Pod as described below to participate in the Pilot Program.

Upon Spider Tanks launch, every Planetary Node operator who purchased during this first sale round will receive an additional Drop Pod for their Drop Ship. This means two of their owned Tanks can now participate in the Pilot Program instead of one.

To learn more about the details of the Spider Tanks economy, check out the Litepaper and the Node Atlas, both downloadable as PDFs in their most current form.

Thanks for following the Spider Tanks journey as we prepare for the launch of the world’s first Web3 esport. You’re one of the early ones, and we couldn’t be happier that you’re part of our community.