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Open Letter from Santa Claus

December 24, 2023
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Dearest People of the World:

It’s not that I’m tired of delivering your presents year after year. My patience hasn’t exactly worn thin from one too many snot-nosed children who obviously don’t want to sit on my lap any more than their parents want to wait in the line or take the picture. I’m not overly disappointed with the lack of tree nuts in your Christmas cookies of late… I get it, your kids have developed strange allergies, but would it kill you to include a macadamia nut every once in a while?

Maybe I’m too hasty in writing this letter. If that turns out to be true, I’ll just put myself on the naughty list next year.

Do you all have any idea how long of a nap I must take to recover from that yearly night of Christmas magic? Megacorporations, free shipping programs and fulfillment centers may have made it easy for made-in-China goods to get delivered right to your door within minutes, but some of us still rely on reindeer power and elf labor. I’m not complaining at all; those little folks can seriously crank out some toys, but the delivery is killing me.

I have hobbies. I’d love to spend more time golfing in Bermuda with the Easter Bunny. I wish I had more evenings available for scrapbooking sessions with Mrs. Claus. I’ll even share all my magical secrets with the good girls and boys, just as soon as I have time to finally finish my memoirs.

Here’s the deal. I urge and implore you all to quit beating around the bush with the web3 stuff. It’s time for that “mass adoption” thing you have been using as a talking point for the last few years to actually happen.

I’m looking forward to a Christmas where we give digital gifts to our loved ones, with no delivery or assembly required. Blockchain-minted gifts have no need for tedious and outdated physical ownership, but in a lot of ways they’re more real than things that you can touch.

Take the Gala Games ecosystem for example. Players’ in-game items really belong to them, thanks to the GalaChain magic those wizards created. Digital ownership is provable, transparent and incredibly secure. Plus, when players own items within the Gala Games ecosystem, they can unlock opportunities to get real rewards for using them. Magic internet money… what a world we live in!

Merry Christmas!


PS: Please consider incorporating web3 ownership into your gift-giving routine next year, or even this year.

PPS: Dasher wanted me to add, “Seriously. It’s not too late. My herniated disk really flares up when the wind blows.”