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One Tree? How About Millions?

August 25, 2022
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Gala Games works closely with OneTreePlanted to support shovel-ready projects in reforestation and restoration all over the world.

In the world of Web3 entertainment, innovations are possible thanks to two separate, yet equally important groups: The crypto enthusiasts who think outside the box, and the communities who spread the word. These are their stories.

Gala Games is heavily driven by the ideas of empowerment, abundance and sustainability. Player empowerment on the decentralized scale we’re building doesn’t come easy or cheap, and as fellow stewards of Earth, we are acutely aware of the impact our decisions have on the future of our planet and our people.

When building a new world of Web3 entertainment, we must always remember our responsibility to care for the planet. While each of us is only here for a short time, the world will endure. The consequences of our current choices will drastically affect the lives of future generations.

The Cake Squad is here to share lots of exciting behind-the-scenes news just like this!

Partnership that Grows

The most important way that Gala Games has given back to the Earth is by planting a tree for every single NFT sold. This is arranged through our partnership with the world’s leading reforestation charity, OneTreePlanted.

When you purchase an NFT from the Gala Games platform, a single tree is contributed to one of our shovel-ready projects. It’s that simple. This time around, we’re taking it even further by letting you decide which projects we’ll support first! How about that for community in action?

By working closely with OneTreePlanted, we are able to select real shovel-ready projects, allocating our support exactly and directly where it is needed.

Like any tree, our partnership with OneTreePlanted will continue to grow, but we’ve already made an incredible start. Take a look at all the projects we have already supported with thousands of new trees.


Philippines — Mangrove Reforestation

Mangroves are in rapid decline in many parts of the world, due to climate change. It’s likely that we’ll see more and more mangrove restoration projects. Good thing we’re ready to mobilize our community in local areas to help face this challenge!

South Africa — Cape Town

Philippines — Indiginous Bamboo Reforestation

Andes — High Andes Polylepis Project

This project is part of a multi-year, multi-partner initiative to restore 1 million hectares of Polylepis ecosystems throughout the high Andes. Polylepis forests are extremly important as they are a major source of South America’s water system including the Amazon basin.

India — Sundarban Mangrove Project

Hastened degradation of the Sandarban ecosystem, consisting of over 100 Indian islands, has been catastrophic for mangrove cover, which is relied upon for the sustainability of the entire ecosystem.

British Columbia — Yunesit’in Fire Guard Rehabilitation

British Columbia — Old Growth management areas

These efforts are gradually restoring the massive damaged areas from the 2017 Plateau wildfire, which burned a total of over 12,000 square kilometers in British Columbia. These long-term restoration efforts are just as important as new plantings; often even more so.


Thailand — Baan Ba Community Reforestation Program

Uganda — Albertine Rift

The Albertine Rift is the western branch of the East African Rift, covering parts of Uganda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania. It extends from the northern end of Lake Albert to the southern end of Lake Tanganyika.

Iceland — Dragon’s Nest Forest

This is a more rare afforestation project, in which a new forest is begun in an effort to renew healthy farmland or grazing land.

Endless Possibilities

Look for more fruit of our OneTreePlanted partnership coming in the near future, including ways that you may be able to get involved in your local area.

With the rate at which the Gala Games Ecosystem has grown, we have our sustainability work cut out for us, and working with OneTreePlanted is only the beginning.

While we work out the details of future projects and initiatives, we will continue to donate to OneTreePlanted by contributing a one tree for every NFT sold on the Gala Games platform.


The simplest and most effective thing you can do to support this effort is to plant a tree yourself. The Cake Squad would like to challenge everyone in the Gala Games community to not only plant a tree locally, but monitor and record its progress from time to time to share with the community.

Imagine years from now. There are hundreds of games on the Gala Games platform and players throughout the world are empowered like never before with ownership and rewards. Wouldn’t it be nice to see photographic and literal reminders that our efforts bear fruit? The small things we do today to protect and secure the planet will have profound and lasting effects greater than we could imagine.

To participate…

  1. Plant a tree — Please don’t break any local laws to do this.
  2. Take a picture where you planted your tree.
  3. Share on social media.
  4. Visit your tree later when it has grown.

How You can Help

Here’s where you can really get your hands dirty, without literally getting your hands dirty. The reason we love OneTreePlanted is they give money directly to specific projects where trees are needed.

In the interest of even greater transparency and community inclusion, we thought it would be fun to involve everyone in the selection of projects for our next donation. Thanks to the magnitude of your ongoing donations, we are able to truly make a difference, checking off these shovel-ready projects one by one.

Visit the one-tree-planted channel in Discord to vote for projects you’d like to support with this round of tree planting. We have laid them out as individual posts, and sheer numbers of emoji reactions on each post will be used to determine the order in which shovel-ready projects are funded.

Voting will close at the end of this week, so get those emoji fingers ready!

Thanks for all your support. Let’s make the world a better place in as many ways as we can!

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