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Nodeification #1: Node Version 3

October 28, 2022
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It’s official… Nodes are now powering the Gala Games Web3 Entertainment Ecosystem.

It’s Here. It’s Finally Here!

Your Nodes are about to become part of the Gala Games’ giant global mind. Each computer the Node software is installed on becomes a mini brain, offering up its processing power, storage, and bandwidth as units that power the entire Gala Games Web3 Ecosystem. Starting today, your Founder’s Nodes will power the chain, your Music Nodes will serve your Gala Music NFTs, and your Game Specific Nodes will host the servers that run your games (say goodbye to the cloud).

There is nothing like this on the planet.

All Node Operators:

Upgrade now and join us in this decentralized revolution.

Node Improvements and Requirements

Node software has been completely rewritten. Each Node now powers a small kubernetes cluster that spins up pods running generic workloads. These pods are fault tolerant and run in the background, starting up and maintaining their healthy status without your intervention.

Depending on which licenses you own, you’ll have the option to run different workloads. One computer can run one workload for each license. You can run your Music, Film, Founder’s, Town Star, and Spider Tanks workloads all on one computer (but be mindful of the minimum specs for each — it adds up).

Workloads are doing specific work for each license. For example, if you own a Gala Music Player Node license and you start your Gala Music Player workload, your computer will now be hosting your music NFTs to the rest of the world. The more Gala Music NFTs you own, the more you can host. You might notice your bandwidth usage going up with your Nodes — that’s because they are actively serving your music — that you own!

As we introduce more types of workloads, more specific requirements will become necessary. Some games will require game servers to run, a perfect use-case for Nodes. These game servers can require a lot of memory and CPU power. Our very own game, Last Expedition, connects to a Node running an Unreal server for each game round; that Node could be yours! In the future, it can be customized to run different types of servers and games making that Node unique to you. Your Node can now be more customized to what you want and as a result you will be rewarded more.

[IMPORTANT] You Will Need to Update

Nodes are doing so much more with this version and we need you to update your Node software so the ecosystem remains healthy. We will be phasing out version 2 of Node software in November; if you want to keep receiving your GALA rewards, you need to update!

Instructions for updating and download links can be found on the Node dashboard.

What’s Next

We’ve made the new Node software to be as unobtrusive as possible. Your Node has the ability to run many different workloads that will automatically update as we introduce them. In the future, look forward to more customization with your Music and Film Nodes. Your Founder’s Nodes will be helping Gyri with chain and bridge operations. And most fun of all, your Game Specific Nodes will run Gala Games. The whole planet will be your LAN party (old folks explain that to the youngsters). It’s going to be a great ride. Welcome aboard!


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